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  1. I wonder what the prize will be
  2. HingTheHing

    CB abuse.

    This might be a stupid question, but what is CB abuse?
  3. I don't exactly remember what truck it was exactly, but I remember it being a blue Man truck, one of the cheapest.
  4. Thank you for your follow ✌🏼️

    1. HingTheHing


      No problem!

  5. I was talking about the badge thingies in general, not that specific badge. But thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tips, would of been helpful a long time ago. But thanks
  7. I'm way too lazy to answer this question.
  8. I use cars, yes, Im just cool like that.
  9. I cannot even use keyboard normally, and you expect me to be eating at the same time? Lord have mercy.
  10. I don't use it much, but right now I am bored so.... Forums it is.
  11. Personally, I love to drive in areas with about 5-7 people. Just enough to have fun and have a toot. Too many people is just a safety hazard for my PC im talking about you OperationHQ
  12. Players that just want to ruin the experience.
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