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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. How do admins find that you're using another account to ban evading? Kind Regards XCiaranbplaysX [i miss tmp]
  3. I use some accessories, but not many.
  4. Looks interesting... Good luck everyone!
  5. Yes if we click on someone's name it comes up on the tab bit that would be an awesome idea.
  6. It would be nice to have more customization options for the Skoda
  7. No pineapple definitely does not belong on pizza
  8. 46-81 and I've played the game for 1,432 hours on steam.
  9. I like to drive in non-crowded and in crowded areas. Sometimes I want to drive in places crowded to enjoy the traffic, but also sometimes I want to drive in places non-crowded to enjoy the beautiful roads and landscapes. In fact, in ProMods, there is a road near kirkenes that is non-crowded, but it is not solitary the road. It's a perfect combination as you can enjoy the solitary scenery and also some traffic. XCiaranbplaysX
  10. I like to drive loads of different trucks around tmp my most miles in a truck is my white Scania with 23,112 miles on it and still going strong.
  11. Might sound weird but traffic jams I like sitting in traffic jams because it makes me feel like I'm sitting in a truck listening to simulator radio.
  12. Base Map: Paris (France) DLC Vive Le France: Brest (France) DLC Iberia: Barcelona (Spain) DLC Italia: Rome (Italy) DLC Scandinavia: Stavanger (Norway) DLC Beyond Baltic Sea: Pori (Finland) DLC Road To Black Sea: Istanbul (Turkey) DLC Going East: Lodz (Poland)
  13. When I started I use to take loans from the bank and then get my own truck and earn a lot more money from delivering company trailers to anywhere.
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