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  1. 1. How long should i keep a report for on my computer saved... 7 days? 2. If i do something wrong that i think im going to get banned for and i keep the evidence how long should i keep the evidence for? 3. How does an admin / person who claimed my report know if its older than 7 days? XCiaranbplaysX
  2. XCiaranbplaysX


    how do I get snow can someone send me the link or something, please? XCiaranbplaysX
  3. Is it a rule or anything saying you cant just spawn back from a load game if you crash because i find it very annoying if im either crusing and someone just spawns in or im in traffic and someone spawns in a flips me truck. XCiaranbplaysX
  4. yes thank you for the help
  5. Hello i have two questions i wanted to ask. 1. Why have you changed the reports system to - is claimed? and why cant i no longer see the game moderators name no more it seems you've hidden it? 2. Do you still give reports like to me like adding more reports to my limit of reporting people? King Regards XCiaranbplaysX
  6. Hello i have a question if someone is banned is there any point having evidnece of them doing something if there already banned.
  7. Happy Birthday! ❤️


  8. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  9. ok thanks for the help guys much appropriated
  10. Hello i have a question if i follow the C-D roads Speed limit and not speeding up whiles people are overtaking me im not doing anything wrong just following the C-D roads speed limit?
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