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  1. was driving slowly. And I sent other people first so that they could go first, but the TR team teased me and said I was going slowly while driving. Is this my fault? IT is problme to go slowiy? After I was teased, there was another TR team in Syrquines, so I complained of unfairness, but no one answered me. Last time and this time, too. I don't know why I should be treated as a fool by TR team.
  2. December 20th, 2021 03:00-04:30 I stopped due to traffic jam in front of me and suddenly I got a server van 3 times for no reason. And I heard a fool from the operator. I was running and the operator was following me from behind. I saw a truck and a car stuck in front of me and suddenly braked. But the operator behind me treated me like a fool after avoiding me sideways. Should I be treated as a fool for this reason? 나야 2956
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