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  1. I think from the mountain road from Klagenfurt-Innsbruck
  2. I don't think so, because it's been rare since double and triple hangers were banned from MS Stein Kirkenes, except on weekends, but recently I've seen that 3:00 UTC time on weekdays is also busy. It can also be said that China time is UTC+8, and the time between 9:00 am and evening China time is relatively busy. This is what I observed recently
  3. 我想在这里结交国际朋友,如果可以的话,我很想了解你

  4. I think it's both, because if you're enjoying the scenery and pulling goods by yourself, you won't have friends to talk to you about the scenery on the road, so you feel lonely and lonely
  5. Kirkenes and MS Stein Kirkenes have been buzzing lately, and that's good news to me
  6. Recently, on your way to Kirkenes MS Stein on the Promods server, did you encounter someone messing up or using third-party technology to affect everyone's normal gaming experience?
  7. I'm sure it's a great event and I'm sure I'll be able to attend
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