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  1. either so I can not see ban Appeal or so I can not send ban apeal
  2. fatboy2002

    Ban appeeal_Vairek

    Putin is coming! ok I was in Bergen as vaiarek came and cursed me because I called Putin is coming and it is because I also play cs : go and then it's what we called in the team that I'm in . I want to play euro truck simulator mp igjenn because I 've spent a whole month's money that I get and I also bought my logitech g27 to get more out of the game but what is hvitsen with and have g27 now that I'm permantnt banned from ETS2 . but I would say Excuse for my nickname and hope and be unban during the last few days . ps: srry for bad English and i dont have a picture.
  3. fatboy2002

    Ban appeal The Cleaner

    1.[S-L][NOR] Wangen 2. Me and my friend "[s-L] [NOR] Danaiboy" was driving against Luxembourg. On the highway we met a convoy. They pulled up on the side, so me and Danaiboy also pulled up and asked them if they were going through Luxembourg. They said yes, but then one of the guys behind us passed us, drove right into the side to danaiboys truck , and said that we could not drive with them. Then I said that we were going to Luxembourg, so they can not mean that we had to wait until they had arrived in luxembourg and then drive... So we drove with them on to a country road, and we passed legally the one who rammed us, there was not space to pass the others, so we had to lay behind the others until it was clear again, but then they pulled in to a gas station, so we had to slow down, then the one who rammed me passed us and drove right into the side of my truck and tried to push Danaiboy out of the road again, so I drove against the one in front of me to get in front off the rammer, then he came up to me and again started ramming me and pushed me out of the road. when I had passed them, the rammer was just about to pass us again. But then both me and Wangen got BANNED.