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  1. the grills, the front bumpers, the interior and some minor changes on the sideskirt and spoiler i think... thats how you can differentiate the look. also theres a Scania streamline which came with slightly different headlights compared to the 6 series and without that "sidespoiler"... i would recommend you to download the scania RJL mod in the steam workshop it will give you a closer look
  2. new whip got a few modifications


  3. the MAN TGX as a swap body (1st generation) is my favourite because my dad got a brand new one back then when i was 6. i drove with him like every 2 weeks and believe it or not but sometimes he let me drive at the depot. the best thing was when we hit 1000000 km together. thats why the MAN tgx is my favourite truck in ets2
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