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  1. i drive there because there are the most players and i think it would be boring on empty streets
  2. the road from Saalfelden to Großglockner is in Salzburg... Salzburg is the federal state AND the city Klagenfurt has nothing to do with that road- the federal state is called carinthia and there are only Villages around that road
  3. im just wondering where that money goes. maybe to the designers of the Vehicles?
  4. we know that you dont get paid but i think a structure would be good
  5. i like your suggestion yes but we cant train hackers or people who crash on purpose since they dont car about anything. anyway i guess if we combine our suggestions the game can be improved.
  6. actually dont get the people who comment here the point of the author? sure the 72 admins cant be everywhere and they are in different time zones, but the writer of that topic questioned if there are even enough admins and it seems like there arent enough of them or they dont play often. i would understand it if the recruitment is open and they cant find one for whatever reasons but no its closed. seems like some of the people here defend that situation at all cost with their weird arguments like "DoNt DrIvE tHeRe" as if its my fault that people hack or drive reckless on purpose ... and then you can come with suggestions like: calais nocollisonzone and the tmp team says no and then they wonder why people question them. my irrelevant suggestions for solving that problem: hire more admins make minimum hours per week where admins must be in their role and do their work make calais ncz for at least less work optional: give Veterean admins a LITE version of the admin role. . . alright lets wait for someone who tears my ideas down with a comment which gets like 5 upvotes.
  7. yes because he dosent have mirrors haha
  8. i drive 110 when its physically possible without being reckless
  9. i had this problem with downloaded music too. its because i did it with a crappy mp3 converter so the music stops when a song converted with that converter due to id3 datas i think . i also have problems with some radiochannels which doesnt work even if they are in my country. i guess its a problem of the game itself
  10. to be honest im someone who drives 110 kmh if possible (a truck can actually drive that fast when they arent limited) and even then people tell me that im slow because i drove a 510 hp daf which has a crappy accelaration. weird that their 10 year younger 730hp 6 speed Scania accelerates faster. i dont know what you exactly drive but hopefully not a 320 hp renault with the 61 ton train which i dont think since you sayd you try to play very realistic... that would be an example where i can understand that the players behind u get angry.
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