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  1. so i joined truckersmp today and the chat told me this... anyone has the same problem or waht does it mean? do i have to use the new launcher?
  2. even in reallife we would drive 90 on such roads or at least 80... its a pretty wide road with easy corners. 60kmh for trucks on such roads is ridiculously slow even in reallife. in most other countries the speedlimit is 70 kmh or 80kmh for trucks which is a lot more efficient for the car drivers too. the truck laws in general inside of the EU are very questionable tbh
  3. i had the second most reactions so i guess i am second place isnt that how it works? i mean ok my car was shit but anyways
  4. this is rigged... @Black Alcoa won and i was second i think
  5. the grills, the front bumpers, the interior and some minor changes on the sideskirt and spoiler i think... thats how you can differentiate the look. also theres a Scania streamline which came with slightly different headlights compared to the 6 series and without that "sidespoiler"... i would recommend you to download the scania RJL mod in the steam workshop it will give you a closer look
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