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    rabbits, Victoria justice 110%, trucks (with mirrrors only), argument and discuss, expose doublemoral, eat non vegan things...
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    California: Los Angeles
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  1. actually nothing i just like to insult people thru cb
  2. Sure the winterphysic mod is a nice thing, but using it as an excuse for crashing at 110 kmh is a bit cr*nge
  3. why should they? that guy wanted my honest opinion and everytime an admin bans someone by mistake means for me that they cant be that competent since they doesnt look good enough or dont know the trafficrules. in certain circumstances you can compare an admin to a police officer and if your state isnt like north korea ( or twitter) you can critisize them
  4. nearly every edm genre and pop from 2000-2011
  5. nah turns out our cat has 2 deseases which cant get healed
  6. to the guys above dont you get that this is the newest SCANIA engine and not Volvo engine????
  7. sometimes you want to add a picture in the forum, vtc banner etc. but all screenshots i make are png formats which have way more than 500 kb.... i even tried to compress them but they still have too much size. somebody know what to do ?
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