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  1. MAN and Iveco, Ik these are not that fast but I like trucks that slow and old
  2. Seems like a good and helpful tool, I will try it for sure
  3. It will be nice to see it added, I hope they add it in the future.
  4. I like TruckersmpHQ city, Its cool and has those tiny streets, It make driving more challenging and fun!
  5. Congratulations Coolio! 🙂

  6. I will try to attend this! it looks cool!
  7. its well explained! Thanks for the guide!
  8. Happy Birthday Mystere 🎂


  9. Hello Everyone! Rules: - All you have to do is ask a question to the next person, who must answer "true" or "false" and ask another question to the next one. - Have fun. Lets start... Next person is hungry, right?
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