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  1. @BudokanTBnope, only those few mods. I have all DLC enabled except DLC with Volvo contructions. @seth_haveronidk about `home` folder, but game exe file still contain strings about Anyway i don't play truckersmp: editing files to play it's not my way to relax and have fun. If truckers will do some handy update to allow use mods locally without hangover it will be nice. In other ways i play convoy or solo driving fun.
  2. @Doñ Cheekiwell i tried some stuff: porting mods into local mods it's waste of time. More mod is complex, more changes you need. Next, server kicks for using additional parts, for example engines: [21:53:51] <error> Unable to find accessory '/home/local_mod/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh16_2012/engine/d16k750.sii' in accessories data base! [21:53:51] <error> Unable to find accessory '/home/local_mod/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.fh16_2012/transmission/ato3512fraa.sii' in accessories data base! [21:53:51] <info> [net] Kicked from the server. Reason: Detected modified trailer accessories, disable modifications. So.. this MP game have whitelist database and simply kicks out if cannot find. Guess, i can only play it vanilla or with modified vanilla parts, but not with added except if it's in whitelist like couple of mods you offer (autumn package etc). Honestly, there are much more realism especially in case of driving sensations when you use correct mods. In case of truckersmp you have just real drivers, but engines (or transmission) remains arcade (default, only if you do not edited them before). Original convoy gives better game immersion (due improved realism via mods as i mentioned above). Convoy allow only 8 people, but they are together, so, guess density on the highway it nearly the same as in this project (except some overpeopled areas). For me personally it's doesn't worth as is it, but at least i tried and tested some of my theories. 4 million accounts it's great, but better to count active folks. Lack of realism very bad (when it can be improved).
  3. Hi @Doñ Cheeki, thanks for your reply. Well, as i understood from your messages: enabling "mod manager" mod handling will force server to support these mods and.. other folks to support them too. Thats bit strange for me but.. ok (especially if MP architecture of truckersmp is made by the devs from this project and not by scs folks as i read from some old threads). local mods can be activated only by save file (local mods = absolutely local, so steam mods should be converted). When i play single game i have them activated and it's via mod manager. make usage of mod manager for single game when only me can see/use those mods not a checkpoint for devs, there are many other tasks. Personally: nice to hear about 4 millions truckers, but in case of game bought in steam when you wanna just relax and drive a bit in MP, a bit in single or in convoy having steam mods, which updated automatically, thats much better. Those tools to edit save files are nice, but there are always risk what version Y will brake compatibility with version X, so.. you need to rollback your game till it will be fixed. Such small things make a big problem over the time (only the habits can help, guess). So for me (guy who paid steam game finally and just wanna enjoy steam's services and features for 146%) finding it bit.. old style, which is great for free games Thats only my personal opinion, i pretty sure, some folks agree with me, some wanna burn me I will take a look at those tools, test 2-3 drives in MP, will look how i can combine single-convoy-mp-freshmods within same save file with a minimum movements/editions.
  4. @rs_italy & @Doñ Cheeki1st of all thank you for your messages. I will try to write a more detailed post. 1) Since truckersmp require licence ETS2 i have steam game & mods. In mod manager i don't see local AND workshop. There are no problem to download steam mod, made scs from, add into save game file. But i need to track and update it manually each time. Since this save is for "main profile" i will need to accept that way to manage my mods. 2) @Doñ Cheeki as i see, truckersmp don't support any mod. It just ignores the mods users have. So, for me (personally, i'm an "IT guy", but i don't know truckersmp architecture) very logic looks this way: 1) launcher allow folks to choose mods they want INSTEAD of just game allow to load mods from savegame file. 2) truckersmp still continue to NOT support and IGNORE mods users have. short: I don't ask truckersmp to support the mods, i ask truckersmp to ALLOW mod manager usage. If game load mods from save file, it can allow to manage them in manager if truckersmp will allow this/madesometrick for this.
  5. The only thing i can't understand is why to disable all the mods ingame, but allow adding mods via saves. Better implement correctly this functionality into launcher.
  6. Hi folks, I read some articles over the web + a bit this forum. As i see, i can't use local mods if i wan't to play truckersmp (they are simply not found). All i need is to install some tools like ALM, edit saves, and add mods manually and play after this. And this manipulations works only on non-steamcloud saves. So if i use steam cloud for my saves i must uncheck this box. Am i right?
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