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  1. Tayari

    My ATS game wont link

    Yeah, my profile was set to public but my info about my products was not. Thanks for your time and help! (Btw you should put it on your guide on web).
  2. Tayari

    My ATS game wont link

    Thanks. Status update: waiting for 1 hour didn't help.
  3. Tayari

    My ATS game wont link

    I have bought ATS game (played over 20 hrs) and when I click CHECK GAMES to connect it with my TruckersMP account it just wont connect. I waited over 10 mins and nothing is happening.
  4. Tayari

    Ban appeal - Zmaster

    1. Tayari Fairfax 2. Random dudes got stuck (Kowalski [GB] and Outskiller]. So I stoped to help them. I face opposite direction and light on incoming driver to slow down... then I got banned. 3. None (You can ask that named players if you want)