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  1. Happy Birthday :thisisfine:

    1. Cubixty


      Thank you :D

  2. Hello , Just a little introduction about me since this is my first time posting on the TruckersMP forums . Ive been playing ETS2 for 5-6 Years and ETS2MP for about 4-5 years. Ive never actually logged on to my Forum account apart from when I created it. When MY MUM bought ETS2 for me I was like 9 or 10 and most people my age (at that time) would be more interested in Shooter-games or GTA v but for some reason my little child brain was more interested in Simulators. Anyway that was a bit about me . Also , yes I have a potatoe pc that I cranked up to get the sweet pictures. Now heres half the reason I opened this thread , for you guys to rate my new truck design. https://imgur.com/a/AAgjeTx https://imgur.com/a/Y7CgOYf https://imgur.com/a/ZX6NVgt https://imgur.com/a/hjIGF4y If you havnt noticed already , I like keeping my trucks simple but also R-Spec (race spec) looking . I make the 2 back tyres Big and the front one small so it looks a bit agressive. Anyway if youve got any questions about me or the truck feel free to ask me. Dont forget to rate it.
  3. Been playing for about 5-6 years now.
  4. I have 32BIT windows...

    1. HamitCanKilic


      32 bit - Singleplayer 
      64 bit - Multiplayer

    2. [VIVA] ismail [TR]
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