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  1. does other users can see the customized trailer color?
  2. tech40

    90 max speed?

    Ok it seems works now, I check and uncheck exit , check speed limiter, then exit then start game then it works, now my question is 110 is the max speed? because it stopped from acceleration when I reached 110.
  3. tech40

    90 max speed?

    you mean back to level 0, 0 cash 0 truck.? Noo!
  4. tech40

    90 max speed?

    Yes it was unchecked to me. and yet stock at 90's
  5. tech40

    90 max speed?

    Hello just a question because I saw people who can make 110 as their max speed, while me, I can only get 90, at 91 the acceleration stop,
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