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  1. does other users can see the customized trailer color?
  2. Name: Shan Steam: Shahnameh Age: 22 Why you would like to join MLC?: I'm looking for active company with active convoys Do you have TeamSpeak3?: no TimeZone: PH +8 GMT
  3. I'm not doing any racing I just want to bypass to them so that I can drive smoothly, but instead they keeps on blocking me. anyway like what i've said just punish my account.
  4. so it's my fault? I got trolled and my fault, ok sorry then it's my fault to get trolled by them. To admin please delete the post and punish me for my mistake.
  5. Umm ok thanks sorry for my mistakes.. But they are blocking all lanes Because I usual saw convoy, and they're just sticking in 1 lane, so that other trucks can use other lanes to over take. so I though there's rules about convoys anyway sorry once again. for my mistakes
  6. He can even turn right slightly if he want me to pass. or to his left because it's open Edit honking for a player to increase its speed is also a traffic violation. you are only allwoed to use your horn to prevent a accident or dangerouse situation. it is kinda generally accepted tough to use it as a greating,just dont spam it. but, it is not a dangerous situation? that they are taking my lane when they see that i'm going to overtake them? sorry then,
  7. 0:18 - you check your map, what's ahead? An intersection? Why do you attempt to overtake? I didn't notice the intersect, i'm looking to the big map on right of my screen, and when I notice there's intersect and i'm going to turn right I stop to overtake 0:48 - its a truck, its not a boat - you have brakes, use them I'm pressing S, try to look the video more, 0:58 - you're flashing him - where on hell is he supposed to go? Narnia probably? Flashing to tell them "Faster" This is EU#2. 1:26 - overtaking on right, so you can test your brakes? You checked your map and yet you ignored what it showed you I'm busy looking on how i'll overtake to them because they're doing convoy, I don't know why they're taking 2 lanes, and honestly I didn't see the road was turning right, 2:10 - Not keeping any distance at all in a truck? I don't know that they STOP instantly @[email protected] look the video, they stop instantly and not slowly Me and those trucks at the speed of 80+ then instantly stopped?
  8. I act nicely, this happened on EU#2 there's no speed limit on that server
  9. Wrong way? I can take the other lane because there's no one using it and as you can see I use it just for seconds, in the other way i'm turning right, Horn? I'm horning to tell them that I want to overtake because I know they are company Flashing light to tell them that "Hey i'm on that way why you're blocking me" Changing Lanes, do you even see them using indicator, and there's no one even on my back Tailgating, what do you want me to do? to stop, and wait for 15mins and go, and after 15mins i'll meet them again and i'll stop again and wait for 15mins? \ As you can see they took 2 and 3 lanes, I'm pressing horn to tell them that i'm going to overtake because I know they're doing company, so why they took 3 lanes? and they are doing company convoy.. they must be in 1 side lane. because space hold break, than pressing S because I want to avoid hitting them. space will hold more break for me than S, I'm also using handbreak + trailer break.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82CQOwlxO34
  11. Awesome, purchase all DLC on steam sale!! woo!
  12. Hello everyone! I'm planning to buy DLC for my ets2 to maximize my enjoyment in playing this game but I was wondering what DLC does ets2mp accept?
  13. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/15-in-game-rules-en-20-05-2015/
  14. I also enjoyed playing on EU#2 because it has "No Limit", and I am happy that the players on EU#2 is raising.
  15. tech40

    CCTV Cameras

    I am also wondering where are the most populated area located? because i'm watching gameplay of ets2mp in youtube I saw that there are tons of truck, but when I play the game I only saw few on the road.. :/ I wish CCTV camera will be apply so that I can see which place is populated.
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