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  1. Dogg0

    FPS Drop

    Thank yall for the answers, i really appreciate it! ? Next time the problem appears i will try your suggestions and let You know what happens.
  2. Dogg0

    FPS Drop

    Thank you for the answer. As i said in the quote earlier no matter where i am, the issue is the same. I never watched my utilization before, but i think my PC is ballanced enough, calculator says my average bottleneck is 6.4% in 1080p(my current screen is a 1366x768, 60HZ one). My graphics settings: everything is maxed out, as i thought ETS2 has pretty low system requirements Sadly i can't upgrade my computer atm., because my motherboard is not the best ?
  3. Dogg0

    FPS Drop

    Thank you for the answer. My drivers are always up to date, as i have auto-update turned on in my softwares. I don't see difference between areas when i have this issue, same problem when i'm driving around in Duisburg or cruising in Italy while 0 player around me. And yes, everything you said is turned on, i will unclick them while having drops and see what happens.
  4. Dogg0

    FPS Drop

    Hi, thank you for the reply. As i said it's a severe problem, now i opened the game and it works with vsync, no FPS drops. I will hit this thread up when the problem is back, and try what You said ?
  5. Dogg0

    FPS Drop

    Hello I have FPS problems with my game in TruckersMP and in singleplayer too. Most of the time my game runs smoothly at 60fps, but sometimes after restarting the game(not opening exactly after closing) it drops from 60 to 50 or even 30fps. Game restart does not help. I'm using VTlog and Trucky for route tracking. Same problem in singleplayer. I don't think the problem is with my hardware or internet(900 up 350 down). Vanilla game, i don't have mods enabled. Does anyone know what causes this? The route tracking programs, or something else? ? Graphics settings: everything is on ultra Ping in TMP: 32-40 Specs: R5 3600, RX5600XT, 16GB DDR4
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