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  1. To be honest, it can make games interesting and make a lot of friends. I especially enjoy driving with my friends in the VTC. It's easy to feel boring to play alone
  2. Happy birthday ! 🎂😃

    1. Babou71


      thank you❤️

  3. I think this game has the same driving experience as ETS2, and the truck is also doing well. But I don't like the scenery of America very much. It's single and boring. I think this may also be the reason why there are few players in servers.
  4. I think it's great, more people experience different seasons when driving together, and it's very real. Especially in winter
  5. Sun rise. At that time, the sky was very beautiful and it also represented that a new day was coming (only in the game)
  6. I don't eat because I'm used to paying attention to the road conditions or chatting with my friends when I play on the server, but I drink some coke.
  7. In my opinion, speed limit is to ensure everyone's driving safety, especially in the intersection area of curves and freeway ramps. Maybe you can react and slow down in a short time, but other players will be affected and have accidents because of server delay or various reasons. Obey the traffic rules and drive obediently is the safest way.
  8. I'm looking forward to this update because I'm also a bus enthusiast. Personally, I think this innovation will attract more players to join the community discussion.
  9. I miss my friends who used to play on the server together. They all left VTC and the game for personal reasons. When I saw this title, I vaguely recalled some pictures I played together before...
  10. 欢迎来到TruckersMP官方论坛 !

    Welcome to TruckersMP Official forum !

  11. In my opinion it will bring a new experience. Maybe this update will bring more players to join the community.
  12. Local mods: I install Promods in official website for map, because it expands the map and the details will be better than SCS. Applications: TrucksBook and Trucky
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