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  1. Congratulation! 🎉

  2. After rework, the scenery is good and the new roads are full of new challenges. I like that.
  3. Indeed, the mountain road is also very challenging. But I still think it would be better for SP to Austria
  4. I'm used to recording the whole process. This is useful to save evidence from my view if the accident occurred. The right to report the user still belongs to me. I will only type the UTC time code after each accident.
  5. I am looking forward to this update cause Austria is reworked. But they always have a lot of bugs. Hope SCS can fix that as soon as possible.
  6. I think Logitech G29 is the better choice if you just play the simulator game like ATS/ETS2; for the race game, I recommend Thrustmaster T300
  7. I am looking forward to 1.44 release as soon as in TMP, because Austria is reworked. That's pretty
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