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  1. Welcome back!

    1. TheGoodGuy1515


      Thank you very much! ?

  2. Scania, because I appreciate interior design and power
  3. Congrats for promotion!

  4. I don't have a trucker's license. In my view I think maybe real truckers or they have a license, they will have a different game experience. Because the game will always be different with real life.
  5. Krone and Schwarzmüller. Because its support more diffrent paintjobs mods.
  6. I am looking forward that, hopefully it can improve the truck experience in the game.
  7. White and cyan, but sometime I try to use some paintjobs mods from workshop to improve the game.
  8. I think is a good idea, but we must to follow the rules.
  9. Volvo, I recommend the better engine and gearbox you can choose. In game Volvo has the most powerful engine. Scania is a better choice too.
  10. Welcome back!?

  11. Happy Birthday! ??

  12. The roads in America are relatively single, and the scenery along the way is not very good. So more people will still choose ETS
  13. 其实都不错,就是达夫的设计风格我不是很喜欢。
  14. Krone and Schwarzmüller, because I like that paintjobs and more mods is support this two trailer
  15. In my view its impossible. It's true that those places are prone to accidents, but it won't be deleted unless there are alternatives.
  16. There are many ways to play this game you can use any mods to make the game funny and enjoyable. My game duration is 1302 hours
  17. The community connect all player from the world. We can enjoy the game together and make more friends here. Very appreciate there working staff at TruckersMP
  18. Franze P.

    HQ Final Stage

    It is a good build and event. I am looking forward the new events in the future. Thank so much for developer team!
  19. Now I have 51/81 I think play fun and enjoyable is more important, so I am not too pay attention for this. ?
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