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  1. Hi OlifeR840


    At first you need to make sure the game is fully installed in your computer: Right click ETS2 game- properties, Local files, Verify integrity of game files. Steam will automatic check the files.


    Then check the TMP launcher ETS game directory, the path supposed be look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2". 

    If the game directory wrong MP mode will not working. find the correct path Right click ETS2 game- properties, Local files, Browse the local file to find the correct path, copy them to the launcher; at last save.


    Hope this can help you, have a nice day!



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  2. I'm the ex-win11 user. To be honest is not friendly for modification games such as OMSI2, you simply can't predict the game crash and computer crash issues of this simulator in this new system due to compatibility. However, Win 11 has a brand-new UI design and global optimization. Therefore, if your configuration can run this system and you are not a modification player like me; I recommend updating the system. Just my opinion.

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