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  1. Question, jf I add a Bus in mod will there be jobs with passengers ? Or do I have to find a mod for that?

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      you should find a mod for that

    2. peter8600dk


      Thanks for answer


  2. I cstill can not login to Multiplayer as there is no Login box only a darkned box (seephot) I have tried several ways
  3. I will wait for a solution or Update then
  4. What the title says. I noticed there's no way to launch the game in DX11 mode via the launcher, even though TruckersMP now supports DX11. Is there a way we can enable it? I have tried following: If you go to your ETS2 folder in documents and open the config.cfg file. You can change to DirectX 11, by changing the line: uset r_device "dx9", to uset r_device "dx11" That does not work! I see no Login box see photo Screenshot What can I do? DX9 works fine.
  5. There is still no Login box when starting Multiplayer in DX11, Why? How can I fix this?
  6. Nice guide. I noticed, that disabling DLC Skin packs in Steam increased FPS and decreased Lags both in Single play and Multi play (TMP).
  7. I can not see the Login box in Launcher running the game in DX11. If I run in DX9 Everything is fine, but can not run Geforce Shadowplay Overlay. Shadowplay overlay Works fine in both DX9 & DX11 in singleplayer. photo of launcher running in DX11 added https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/28322-peter8600dk/
  8. I can not see login box in launcher. Have tried reinstall newest launcher version


    Problem seems to be Launcher can not start in DirectX 11 (Screenshot of what I can see,in DX11) Changing to DX9 Works!


  9. Done playing MP, the lagging is getting worse and worse, almost impossible to drive in city's

  10. Perhaps you could use the scripts and application on this site https://jammerxd.com/ You will need a hosted website with a VTC Manager script. I am not sure there is any support for installations etc. But you can download scripts for App, SDK, and the Client logger. Good luck with your project
  11. Overtaking to the left and always keep driving in the right lane. Exepect in th UK where they drive in the left side of the road. As far as I can I am following this guide
  12. Seems to be 762x200

    1. The B3AST

      The B3AST

      Thanks bud!


    2. peter8600dk


      Just tried size 762x160 fits best, if you click on the Cover photo the box exspands to 762x200

  13. """Løst"" Spørgsmål: Nu har jeg oprettet profil på Virtualtruckingmanager.com og installeret VTMLive, men der er ikke kommet nogle info ind. Er det nødvendigt at oprette et VTC eller være "ansat" før den henter de info?. Har spillet nogle timer efter oprettelserne og været logget ind begge steder.
  14. Hi Yes a lot of good answers. I tried to reinstall ETS2MP and found that when I turned the CB Radio in cabin over to my 2. screen I could, If I could find the right spot, shift lower and higher channel, so suspect some graphic error. Played around with it and suddenly it schrached and biiped. Now it works, though am I not sure players can hear me, nobody replyed to me.... Well, Fast enough I regread that I got it fixed, DAMN a lot of noisy sh.. Thanks for all you answers Kepp on Trucking
  15. I can not set anything on the CB itself. Default Chanel is set to 19. My headset is correct setup, I can hear and record from my desktop. IT have worked fine until latest mp update.
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