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  1. ^ Ok, thanks for the advice. Sorry for anything.
  2. Really? I think something wrong happened e look for a better place to post. Well, that's sad. That's a forum governerd by dictators, so I'm out. It's really sad, ATSMP with these admins will be the same gargabe than ETS2MP. I feel bad for devs, they make a really nice job, but some admins are messing up =/
  3. People are talking here like everyone in TruckersMP have respect for each other. Sadly it's not like that and will be impossible when ATS go on sales and every child in this world buy this game. For now it's OK, until now I have no bad experience. But I have 100% sure that will be a nightmare soon. Let's wake up and face the sad true about these new parking spots on the middle of a road or on fuel stations. They will not going to work well very soon. Don't forget: Trucks don't hit trucks, Truckers hit trucks.
  4. Cities that have Kenworth are insane right now! People are really stupid, really stupid.. It's easy! Just buy the new truck on the SP, go to the garage and start MP. It is ask too much???
  5. Wow! That was quick. Really nice! Maybe devs should think about a paying MP, you guys really deserve it!!!
  6. I agree, but it's a little unfair get a ban to insult stupid drivers when they get nothing because it's just damn hard make proof on the actual rules. For now only people that recorded the travels can proof anything to ban someone else. And record game costs a LOT of CPU load that MP needs to run smoothly.
  7. lol Again wrong. Obviously it's not a bug. Anyway, hope they could fix, but I don't think will be possible since the highways belongs to city areas =/
  8. The rules on the ATS MP are not to be real, I think they would created to be functional. And works fine. I respectful disagree with all of you saying here. We don't need real rules on a simulator to make things unnecessary complicated.
  9. Yes, it's a matter of respect, but you know.. When we have human being, we need rules and laws. Sadly it's not everyone that think like this. But I have to say after playing for a long time this weekend. The ATS MP players are VERY different from ETS2 MP. They respect much more and like simulation as well. Like I say before, NONE of these two posts have anything that I suggest here. edit: sorry for double post, all of forums that I use have auto-merge =/
  10. That's what I expect. Not a single post about this was posted here on ATS forum. Happy to be right =) So the question still is very pertinent and maybe, since ATS is a game and ETS2 is other game (same engine, different games, probably different approaches and possibilities, don't be that ignorant mate lol), there's a chance.
  11. Can you please post at least one topic that have this suggestion for ATS?
  12. Why you're assuming that i didn't use search engine first? Anyway, if it's not possible, they should think very serious about bring back NCS on every city. Because it's a nightmare right now, specially on ATS with few cities and a lot of people online.
  13. Suggestion Name: Increase non-collision zones on companies and garages Suggestion Description: Increase non-collision zones on companies and garages to avoid collisions on very small exit area. Any example images: No, i'm on the work right now Why should it be added? Sometimes there's a lot of trucks that want to exit from garages or companies and there's a lot of collision because the area is really short and the trucks stay between the collision zone and non collision zone. Probably everyone knows what happen when other truck hit you in this time... And it's happening a lot when we have a c
  14. Finally! Thanx! I don't know why they launch versions and don't tell us what exaclty compatible version on Steam....
  15. It is working now! Really good and fast job!! congratz!
  16. It is working now! Really good and fast job!! congratz!
  17. Here too. Nice work, guys!! Really fast!!!
  18. 1.8.1 is on the way. What we have to choice on BETAS in Steam for continues to play MP?
  19. For now, to keep MP working, what we can do? Because on beta lists theres no 1.7.1 version here.
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