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  1. I think there's enough evidence here to permaban EVEN if these guys never had receive one.
  2. You should slowing down and not overtake him. It was a very easy incident to avoid if you wasn't driving like a crazy guy at 18488448mph and try to overtake close to a junction. He's wrong too, but much less than you.
  3. These guys have 6 bans until perma. It's just too much dependind that what they doing.
  4. Reckless and Instant Karma, see I have a question, unsafely drive like this worth a report?
  5. ^^ I don't think you guys really understand whats happening here. It's not a poor driver, they're disrepecting other players by pleasure! They are constantly laughing about it and it's not funny at all for other players what they're doing on MP. Hope admins ban these guys, sadly it's the only way to keep MP safe from these types.
  6. You should learn to drive before ruin ATS MP. Evidence for ban here, I will use for a report. Hope you get a ban to learn how to respect other players on MP and drive safely.
  7. Are you guys have 100% that on USA doesn't have a gas station with wrong way? Because I don't know about USA, but here in Brazil all Gas Station that have DIESEL only accept traffic from one side. But others that have Ethanol, GNV or gasoline, there's no wrong way. But trucks gas stations and differente, like I say.
  8. When you see a guy driving like this, looking like he is using the foot to control the truck, just slow down and get space to him. When I'm very close to a tight corner, I always brake to give to these idiots enough space to make stupid things without hit me. Yeah, I think there's enought evidence here to ban this guy forever https://www.youtube.com/user/Netstoc
  9. Shilke, I have noticed this too. Next time I will pay more attention because MAYBE there`s something to do with these unnecessary mods that players insist to use on MP. Doesn`t happen always, I have 30 to 60FPS almost all the time running at 2560x1440 + 200%. But sometimes even when there`s only a player or a couple, have a huge fps drop. Could be a MOD, don`t know, lets try to pay more attention next time.
  10. If you run SCS current games, of course you have a CPU that supports 64 bits. None of old only 32 bits CPU have enough power to keep at least 25fps on the game (which I think is the worst acceptable performance scenario). ATS x86 have a official but non-supported version for ATS. So I think MP devs made a wise decision since this version will no longer be available after September.
  11. Same here. Not only for the bit trailers trucks, but bigger truckers as well. And the map is too small and I was expecting nothing but a chaos. Surprising until now, after hours playing, no one hits my truck. This was a impossible thing on ETSMP. Absolutely impossible play like 1 hour without getting hit by reckless drivers. There's a lot of runners, careless, but I think there's much more respect on ATS MP. Which is a really nice surprise.
  12. How you guys record your gameplays? Because I had tried Plays.tv but I get only 30FPS in game even choosing 60FPS on software.
  13. Peterbilt. The truck looks smaller and it's more easy to drive and park. You can make much better - and faster - turns and curves with Peterbilt trucker that is on the game. Very smooth. But W900 is really something and the challenge is very good.
  14. ^ Ok, thanks for the advice. Sorry for anything.
  15. Really? I think something wrong happened e look for a better place to post. Well, that's sad. That's a forum governerd by dictators, so I'm out. It's really sad, ATSMP with these admins will be the same gargabe than ETS2MP. I feel bad for devs, they make a really nice job, but some admins are messing up =/
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