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  1. Hello, Yesterday I created a ticket that was showing steam error when i tried to open both ETS or TMP (ticket is here) I tried verifying game files from given answers but with no result. ETS is still displaying launch error as before. Is there another solution to fix it? I didn’t played ETS for more than 2 days and im devastated ? Thanks for further replies.
  2. Hello, Yes for now. I will try these fixes next day. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Today i wanted to launch ETS when Launcher gave me an error which says that it can’t find steam_emu.ini. I also noticed that launcher is pointing to my FH5 location, which is repack wit online fix from CODEX. I tried reinstalling TMP, but with no results. Is there a solution: Thanks MakoPog UPDATE Ok, I just pasted the steam_emu.ini to location that TMP is pointing, now I dont have that message anymore, but app. error showed up. (btw i cant run both TMP and ETS)
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