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  1. Unnecessary feature. When in busier areas, names of other players cause enough mess without having this extra bit.
  2. I did try that before but it said my saves could not be loaded and could be corrupt but I could use them on single player fine. But I was just trying out the vr version by changing the version for vr after that I then changed back to the 1.27x and it has started working fine. So if anyone else has a problem with loading it up try do what I did.
  3. I have already tried launching single player then multiplayer and it hasn't helped as singleplayer also has the same problem I didn't purchase the Heavy Cargo DLC. Thanks for your suggestions though. Do you think it may be because I played some singleplayer with the update and thats what stopping it?
  4. I downgraded the game as shown in the instructions but still cant play. I get "unable to fetch information about connected content. The service is not compatible with the current version of the game. Please check if a new patch for the game is available."
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