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  1. desmills

    Save Editing

    I wish people would use the search bar to look through the forum so many post about the same stuff over and over....
  2. I’m chilled I don’t get people who get rage and try and over take, like you know the toad you are on is always manic so why go there
  3. It’s only like £2-£3 just get it
  4. still waiting on pro mods :(

  5. I use fraps, no frame drop and very simple to use
  6. It’s not supported, all that would happen is you will get kicked
  7. I believe they are only use in the Scandinavian area
  8. You can’t use the oversized cargo in game
  9. anyone like uk grime this is for you :D 


  10. I use fraps its about £25 but I don’t lose any FPS, I highly recommend it
  11. If you don’t like the traffic then don’t go there simple
  12. if you like live trucking check this channle i found 


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