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  1. Like TruckersMP HQ City, I believe that I-K Road will being quiet after few weeks.
  2. SCS have done a great job, the scenery is so awesome You can get that classic Scania logo at "Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack" DLC
  3. I prefer new intersection, the new intersection can reduce accidents happen.
  4. Awesome update, nice change. Looking forward the Buses and New Job Dispatcher comes.
  5. The 1.44 update is awesome Looking forward TMP updated to 1.44 version
  6. I always use Scania S, it has a powerful engine, nice interior and model.
  7. Looking forward the bus comes, I can't wait driving the bus to C-D Road
  8. I use VTC paintjob in singleplayer. In TMP, I always use white or green color on my truck.
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