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  1. Hello there, You can't delete or close support tickets, best you can do is to state in your comment that you'd like the ticket to be closed. Kins regards, Million88
  2. Hello there, Please try the following solution: 1. Right click on TruckersMP-Launcher.exe 2. Select "Run as administrator". 3. Confirm the pop-up with "Yes". 4. Press "Play". Kind regards, Million88
  3. Hello there, You went inside the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Actually in the new launcher it require select only the folder and it will detect the game automatically. Kind regards, Million88
  4. Hello there, The game profile in TruckersMP syncs with your singleplayer, you might try to disable cloud sync in profile settings though. Kind regards, Million88
  5. Hello there, Pleade ensure the following: 1. That you have played at least 2 hours (120 minutes). 2. That your profile is completely public - Refer to this screenshot in the privacy settings area. 3. That you own the game, family sharing does not work. 4. That you have waited at least 5 minutes after pressing the button on your profile, the check can actually take that long if steam is having trouble. 5. Tried at least 2 times. Kind Regards, Million88
  6. Hello there, Please try the following steps. 1. Go to "Settings" 2. Press "Browse" 3. Navigate to a directory of your choice (not were TruckersMP is currently installed) 4. Right click > Select "New" > Click on "Folder" > Create a folder named "TruckersMP" 5. Click the new folder once to select it 6. Press "Select Folder" 7. Press "Save" Kind regards, Million88
  7. It looks so good! Awesome work!
  8. Hello there, Please try the following: Step 1: > Go to Steam library > Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify in-game files Step 2: > Go to ETS 2 / ATS > Click "Play" > Choose "Launch with DirectX (64-bit)'' > Start ETS 2/ATS > Go in game and drive for a bit in single-player > Save and close ETS 2/ATS Step 3: > Try launching TMP as an administrator (Right click on TMP Launcher and click ''Run as administrator'') Step 4: (Try to re-install the Launcher) > The press WIn + R and type in ''%programdata%" > Find the folder TruckersMP and delete it > Delete you /Documents/ETS2MP > Then go to control Panel and uninstall TruckersMP Step 5: > Then re-install the launcher as administrator: truckersmp.com/download > Launch TMP as administrator. Let me know if this works. Kind regards, Million88
  9. Hello there, If can not load your game saves, you can try to getting one of the backups from folders like profiles(1.45.x.xx).bak. Backups are numbered by the version they are created in. Kind regards, Million88
  10. Hello there, g_emergency_brake and g_acc doesn't work in TMP. SCS stated that the ACC and emergency brake does not function properly at this point, since its still in beta stage and development and that it currently only register AI vehicles. Kind regards, Million88
  11. I will choose Sim 1 server as it is the most popular server right now.
  12. Hello there, TruckersMP supports the use of local mods. If you want to make a special coating for yourself, you must first do it in local mod. Local mods are only visible to you, so other players cannot see your special skin. Kind regards, Million88
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