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  1. Hello there, Does your game crash in singleplayer as well? Also, did you already try to verify the game files in Steam? Kind regards, Million88
  2. Hello there, Have you tried creating a new profile? If no, try to create a new profile. Kind regards, Million88
  3. Hello there, Try disabling your mods one by one, looks like at least one of the mods is causing the problem, or you can create a new profile without any mods. King regards, Million88
  4. Hello there, Hands on steering wheel is a mod , Truckersmp don't support any mods from the steam workshop, so it is not available on Truckersmp. Kind Regards, Million88
  5. Hello there, You can not change it, the autosave interval is hardcoded and between every autosave 5 mins are passing by, but you can press Scroll Lock to save manually. Kind Regards, Million88
  6. Did you try restarting Steam and then launch the TMP launcher to see if this already helps instead of restarting the whole pc? Also, have you already tried to verify the game files of ETS 2 in Steam? Or reinstall Steam?
  7. Hello there, After you closed the game, does it say in your Steam Library that the game is still running as well? Did you check if ETS2.exe is still running in your task-manager? Because from what I read it seems like your ETS2 doesn't close properly in the background. Kind Regards, Million88
  8. Hello there, You can use double or triple low bed trailers to load 2 or 3 heavy cargos by save editing: Kind Regards, Million88
  9. Hello there, What do you have "TruckersMP installation directory" set to? Typical recommendation is to set it to C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP and see if helps. Also, try to launch TruckersMP as administrator may be needed as well. Kind Regards, Million88
  10. Hello there, For JavaScript Error, Please try the following steps: Right click on TruckersMP-Launcher.exe Select "Run as administrator". Confirm the pop-up with "Yes". Press "Play". For Game not installed error, that is visual bug, just click Play. King regards, Million88
  11. Hello there, You can submit a bug report through the Support system if you want to make sure that our Developers knows about it. Kind regards, Million88
  12. Hello there, Try running the game with OpenGL instead of DX, go to your Steam library, click Play on ETS2/ATS and a small grey window will open, choose "Launch with OpenGL" and start the Game all the way, save and quit. Also, please try to start TruckersMP launcher as administrator. Right click on TruckersMP Launcher icon and click "Start as administrator". Also try this > Go to Steam library > Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify in-game files Kind Regards, Million88
  13. Hello there, You can submit a bug report through the Support system if you want to make sure that our Developers knows about it. Kind regards, Million88
  14. Million88


    Hello there, From our former Senior Community Manager Luna: Kind regards, Million88
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