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  1. konrad55551

    Dyskusje na Temat Kierowców

    Witam. Nie polecam kierowcy Dawidor Games pcha się on do władzy w firmie nie ma on szacunku do innych kierowców, wyzywa, wyśmiewa, po zwróceniu mu uwagi nie ma reakcji. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198216661952/
  2. konrad55551

    Dyskusje na Temat Kierowców

    Nie polecam zatrudniać kierowcy STRONG BEAR http://steamcommunity.com/id/strongmen jak powyżej napisał http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/user/8578-bazyliszek14/ponieważ wyzywa on graczy, nie idzie się z nim dogadać i liże dupe szefostwu
  3. konrad55551

    II Konwój Przyjaźni - Tajemnicze zlecenie

    Firma Red Logistic dziękuje za konwój
  4. konrad55551

    Ban appeal-fyzz08

    I rode quietly on the loading which had separated by more than 70 km from Copenhagen. When I wanted to take the lead, where there are no barriers, he began to draw back, I noticed it in the last moment and began to backpedal, and that I was almost 100 km / h on the clock, I could not wychamować. Leaving from Copenhagen. He got me the way późnij when I followed his colleague stopped me abruptly in place for 5 seconds. after which he went on. while 10% of hurt my vehicle. When this began to overtake me going to my cabin. I did not do it on purpose. I did not want to. I wanted to just go after the charge and drive on the road. Sory for language but I'm Polish and google translator poorly explained.
  5. konrad55551

    Ban appeal-fyzz08

    I>ÉLT<I Kamil Hi I got from you ban for what? for being different driver block me and gave me to go? I wanted to enter the gate it suddenly began to recede and drove at him. I understand that for the language here but what other word could be used if the type is entering in me. He asked me about odblkowanie account or reducing the ban to 1 day. I regret that I forgot to turn on the record then I would have proof