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  1. Not sad you to see you go. BYE

  2. I would love to learn about more of those ways if possible. Because that is basically you figuring out someone eventually. But how? Everybody can fake their behaviours, put it out like an "accident". Yes, you will probably find those guys but that will be %10 at most. Secondly, isn't there a rule that prohibits people to apply for moderation positions if they are banned more than 3+ times? So the logic "people can change" doesn't apply there then? If you're going that people can change and they should have infinite chances. Why not roll with that when people applying into positions? That's how rules & explanation contradicts each other. I remember many times seeing guys with permanent ban on roads again and they were laughing from the mic. People like that will come with more accs ofc. Now you just gave them 3 months cycle opportunity. Anyway, you'll overload yourself and players, decrease the quality of the game and will eventually have to modify this rules. You'll have to add permanent ban at some point like 7th, 10th ban for example. With 3 months ban, if player still gets to permanent ban in a year, at some point, he deserves a permanent ban.
  3. 1-) There was basically no need to remove permanent ban. You could still add that as a 6th and 7th ban. That way, people can still say "Yep, I need to focus myself on school/work, 3 months ban will be actually helpfull for my life" and return and keep going where they left off. "3 months is a long period" What? Did I really read that? Yeah, it's a long time. If your life has no purpose and you're 7/24 playing the game.... This makes reporting is no longer a useful tool. No one will bother to report users since there is no point. There is no endgame. Why would people waste their time anymore reporting? It'snot like you'll get rid of them eventually. Moderators will be wasting their time over and over again with thousands of trolls who they will have to deal with again every 3 months. You basically removed "life sentence" and you will overload reporting system and will be wasting players & moderators time with no purpose. Now all trolls have no fear losing their acc forever. It's a free real estate. I've reported 1k+ people in 1 year time and I can say, %95 of them were glad and were mocking after what they did. Anyway, I feel sorry moderators who think their work on reviewing reports mean something anymore. It won't. I've left ETS. Cruising in ATS and really enjoying the game. And this rule change is basically cover for bringing players back to TMP. I saw player numbers like %50 low compared to last time I played.
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