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  1. Absolute NO. This will not work. 99% of the commands that you suggested are straight ripped off from SAMP RP. Closest thing that you will get to roleplay in ETS is creating a company, and using TS3 as your CB radio. It will not work. Hate to say it. As people said before that the cops will be restricted to admins, and admins only. And honestly how often do you see an admin on the streets? Honestly, the only time I've seen them is in a convoy, and maybe a few other times by them self. Adding a new model into the game will just create more lag. And as one stated before it is hard enough to get players to follow basic driving rules, adding rules to roleplay ontop of that is ridiculous. Let alone a lot of the users on Euro Truck doesn't even speak English. And you can't really get out of your car or anything either. If you would like to roleplay, get a group of friends in a parking lot and use ** **. I don't think the community is remotely close to do this. And it will not work.
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