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  1. I won't. If I were a game host, I would strictly follow the rules and regulations and also remind my friends to follow the rules as well. I would treat them like everyone else, no favoritism to your friends and no favoritism to others!
  2. Your suggestion, although I think it looks like you can try, but you talk about the use of in-game reporting to protect themselves, I think there is time for in-game reporting, although there are administrators will look at the in-game reporting, but inevitably reporting will be judged by the system timeout, once the timeout, the administrator will not see your reported video, even if the video, there are violations, can not be processed, the most direct and effective way to Only through the official website of the reporting system to report violations of the user, as for the acceptance time, you can refer to the upper right overload degree! (3 days, 7 days, 14 days, etc.)
  3. I think the speed limit is based on the city limits, some highways are in the city limits, some are not. Of course, it is undeniable that some highway speed limits do range a bit too wide.
  4. @Dafaol You need to know his TMP ID number and then report it in the reporting system on the official website. reports https://truckersmp.com/kb/8 and https://truckersmp.com/kb/791 Preferably the former, because the latter has time to report within the game, so you are advised to go to the first link, which has a tutorial inside, you can read it!
  5. @cervantes791 Hello! According to your question, you have the launcher open, but not running the game. You can close all the programs and then open them, try it. You can restart your computer and open it. Plus run as administrator. These you try!
  6. Let me talk about my point of view, I think I will only carry out overtaking behavior if I think I can overtake the premise, otherwise I will not take the move to overtake, I also agree with the other players above, overtaking can not pass still overtake, it does run the risk of being banned. So in summary, I will only overtake if I 100% think I can pass, otherwise I will follow the car in front and keep driving until I reach the overtaking standard.
  7. I actually like them all, I especially like to use the rain enhancement mod in places with few people to achieve the effect and be a little harmful. On a sunny day, in the event of an accident ahead, it will be easy to brake. On rainy days, in the event of an accident ahead, although the brake will be applied very quickly, on rainy days, the road will slide for a certain distance. If the control is not good, it will hit the car in front or the fence, etc.! All I can say is that there are pros and cons to both!
  8. When my friends play P service, some of them crash when they enter the intersection of the mine; some of them crash suddenly when they are driving; some of them crash when they reach a certain location. I think this problem should be part of the situation, some players do not, it should be just released 2.65 of the file has a bug, I believe the ProModS development team is stepping up to deal with this bug, later should be restored to the original bar!
  9. Let me mention my opinion. Your suggestion, I feel that the meaning is not very significant, the reason is that this suggestion will not lead to a decrease in the number of players on the CD road, but will increase, and secondly some people if the game settings inside the deduction of that option off, this suggestion will be meaningless. CD route, the number of players is very, very large, while the violation of the player will also exist, which will increase the difficulty of the game review team, adding to the game review team Difficulties.
  10. Looks like a very useful report! Thankful for the team behind the scenes! Thanks!
  11. @Alba6rek Hello, according to your query, I would like to say that it is like this. 2 lines are there, such as you want to turn left, you must wait until all the straight through or no more cars in the opposite direction, you can only turn left, as far as I know, the European traffic law should be turning to let the straight through!
  12. I also play GTA5, StarCraft 2, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 5, Battlefield 2042, COD19, EVE Europe, PUBG, SuperBreak, and more! Only now Ken can play ETS2, the other games occasionally play!
  13. @Somehow Lucky Hello! If I guess right, 5 seconds should not prompt, 15, 10, after that it drops off, unless you open in 10 seconds, or you will be automatically kicked off the system!
  14. Thank you for your interest!


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  15. I agree with what these two friends said. It is true. If you find a problem, you can only record them and report it. Adding this program is not a good idea. Because in general, in dealing with illegal players, in addition to using bans, administrators can also use the permissions of kicking offline and sending repair shops. These two can also be used as a way to warn or remind violators. If they don't listen, they will be punished more severely (that is, banned).
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