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  1. @V.i.c.t.o.r. Good suggestion, I like it. As a player, I also want to know the time in my time zone in the game. Then you can watch it without cutting the screen!
  2. I would also like to add that I would like to talk about my thoughts and opinions. Only S1 has a speed limit of 110 among all servers, and other servers have no speed limit. In S2, players can drive at a speed of 150 or more. Although speed is best for goods with long destinations, it is very unsafe in terms of safety. In case the speed is fast, there is a player in front of them, and if they don't evade in time, they will still hit him. Part of the problem is due to the problem of the car behind them. Driving the speed limit of 110 on S1 can effectively prevent some players who are too fast, including those who rampage.
  3. @_FyRo Hello! This is determined according to the load of the official website. I can give you an approximate number of days to accept. 1. When you see that the display in the upper right corner of the reporting system of the official website is normal, the report will be accepted and processed within 3 days. 2. When you see that the display in the upper right corner of the reporting system of the official website is high or busy, the report will be accepted and processed within 7 days. 3. When you see that the display in the upper right corner of the reporting system of the official website is very high or even higher, the report will be accepted and processed in about 7 to 14 days. Recently, the game review team has recruited a group of report moderators who specialize in handling reports on the official website, and they will specialize in handling reports on the official website. Let me explain that since the report moderators, full-time administrators, and higher-level departments have their own affairs in reality, they cannot handle reports online every day, so you can only wait patiently for them to accept them.
  4. @China-leitinG

    Happy birthday to Brother Thunder!

  5. I wish you a happy birthday and a happy life every day!

  6. @A$ER Hello! About your question! I can only suggest, because I heard from you that you like to run places with a lot of players, so the CD route (plus the trail to Duisburg) is a good choice, but you say that your FPS is very low. In this case, I can only say that you can stay away from the CD. I will express my opinion. This is not to say that your computer can run on the CD with a high configuration, but because some players like to use code cars to run on the CD route. If the number of players' code cars superimposed exceeds the specified number, it will add a lot of carrying capacity to the server, which will inevitably affect the FPS of other players, and even cause a card phenomenon to the server. I don't think it will have a good effect if the image quality is reduced in the game settings. So I can only tell you that I suggest you stay away from there. Even if you really want to enter a place with a lot of players, it is best to enter from the middle, it should be better!
  7. @darealdanthekiller Hello! Regarding your question, I will answer your concerns. According to the online rules, one of your accounts is banned. If you log in to another account, your other accounts will continue to be banned, and it is also considered to be evading the ban. So I suggest you, if your account is banned, please wait until it is unblocked before continuing to play, otherwise it is not worth eating a ban evader!
  8. 😛Congratulations

  9. @ardaenes47 Hello! You are welcome to use the forum help section. You can try to retrieve your password, log in, and distinguish between upper and lower case letters you set.
  10. Congratulations to my sister for the successful establishment of VTC.

  11. I can also add what was said upstairs...Besides what he said, there is another possibility.If you are the only one playing on your computer and no one else is using it, you can use the above method. But if someone is playing on your computer, it's best to wait until the ban is lifted before playing. Of course, the most direct way is to log in to your account and go to the feedback system, requesting the game review department to intervene and investigate. Please log in https://truckersmp.com/feedback/In the comment box, explain your question and finally click 'Submit'.It may take some time to get an answer, please be patient and wait for a reply!
  12. @Mekoslz I don't think this should be illegal. This car looks like a code car. The code car cannot be seen by others, only you can see it. I think it should be like this
  13. Happy birthday, happy every day, happy family, healthy

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      Thanks Baby.

    2. Pisces Sister

      Pisces Sister

      Hey!! I'm a girl!

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