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  1. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all players and friends! Happy Holidays to Truckersmp staff! Happy every day!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Oops, isn't this one of our general managers! Long time no see, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!🫡

    1. Fezz [AE]

      Fezz [AE]

      Thanks for the follow, yes General Manager of Bruijn Logistics ❤️:HaulieLove:

  3. @Linda. Hello! I can tell you about your problem. The number of reports is increased or decreased based on the results of your current reporting of offending players. If the player you report does violate the rules, then your report will be accepted and may increase the number of reports you make. If the offending player you report fails to meet the conditions of the ban, it will be rejected. The words realistic rejection will be added to your report. Once there are too many reports rejected, it will lead to a reduction in the number of reports you make. Once the number of reports is very large, it may lead to your reporting power being withdrawn. At that time, if a player violates the rules, you will not be able to report the player.
  4. @[Seko] Hello! The problem you raised, to be precise, cannot be solved. There are many reasons. But the main reason is only: because of the existence of cards in their own computers and the use of code cars to run, some players like to stack many layers to achieve the effect they are satisfied with. Although he will think it is very beautiful, it will increase the capacity of the server, and will cause other players to have problems of cards, frame drops, and line drops. To avoid these, the only way to avoid these is to stay away from the line from Sirkness to the inside of the mine. At the same time, the C-D route of the S1 server also has the same reason. If you really want to run, you can only reduce the image quality and run, which can alleviate it.
  5. Congrats to my brother for mentioning the new position. Way to go!!!


  6. Welcome, welcome, welcome!


  7. @Cluster.35 [TR] Hello, please see rule 2.8 for more details, I will attach rule 2.8: §2.8 - How bans are issued The first 3 bans are issued at the staff member’s discretion. The 4th ban is thirty days. The 5th ban and consecutive bans are ninety days. Any bans older than 12 months at the time of the new ban being issued are ignored, this 12 month period is the ban cooling-off period. Ban extensions are based on the active (less than 12 months old) bans at the time of expiration and will not be altered if a ban goes over the 12 month period while the ban is active. If you have at least two active history bans in your ban history, staff will extend your next ban to a ninety days ban, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. Bans that are extended due to history cannot be removed, they are strictly thirty days and ninety days. If you have any questions, please go to the feedback system to contact the game review management, and they will answer your questions! https://truckersmp.com/feedback
  8. Hello! Regarding your question, I would like to express my opinion. 1. Talk about your problem of helping others in the game. As for me, I have also done acts of helping others before, and I am in a similar situation to you, because I am a helpful person, so I will also help difficult players. But after I helped, I was banned by the administrator. When I appealed, the administrator told me what to do in this situation. (Forgive me for not being able to tell you what I told you), and then I lost it. The only way is to let him enter the repair shop with F7 or read the file to run the section just now. 2. Overtaking things. . . According to the rules, when there are more than 25 local players, no matter you are overtaking or waiting in line, it is best not to overtake, because overtaking cannot be avoided in time or return to the original lane when the oncoming vehicle is overtaking, because you are overtaking When the speed of the player is definitely raised, you are returning to the lane, and you will have an accident with the player you are overtaking. Some players really like to go to the CD route for sports cars, the fun of traffic jams, sometimes the traffic jams are very long, and there are many players queuing up, and you can't see the end at a glance. This will cause some people to like to overtake, go against the road, etc., of course, this also violates the rules. 3. Things your friend is banned from. In this case, if your friends have any doubts, they can submit their opinions to the game review department and explain the reasons to the game manager. 4. REC problem. Some players will type REC because of some small problems, but sometimes this REC is just to scare people, the purpose is to let the perpetrators clearly realize that their behavior has caused harm to the victim. Some are indeed excessive, and they will be reported. 5. CD traffic flow problem. To be honest, this problem is uncontrollable, because some players like to go to the CD route to block roads and other behaviors, which makes the game administrator go online to patrol the CD route. Sometimes you can see more than one administrator on the CD route. to maintain order. But this kind of problem cannot be solved by administrators, even if the superior department sends more administrators to manage CD routes, it is useless. It depends on the players to consciously abide by the rules. Administrators are also players, and in reality they have their own careers. In their own lives, they need rest just like us, and refuse to be able to manage on the CD route 24 hours a day. The same is true for the mines in the city of Sirkenes on the P server. These places require players to consciously abide by the relevant rules. The administrator is not what you see so-called maintaining order in the game, kicking players, banning players, etc., there must be other tasks that need to be managed. In short, for these reasons, only by allowing players to abide by the relevant rules can the problem be reduced as much as possible.
  9. This is less likely to happen, meaning it would add a lot of troll users who can't be banned for breaking the rules. This is unfair to normal players. The only way to keep from breaking the rules is to follow the online rules system.
  10. @Dmitry Argus Hello! There are many reasons for this. The one that has the most problems is also your own network, heavy local players can also cause the network to fluctuate, this picture if I'm guessing correctly would be Duisburg! There are a lot of local players in Duisburg, sometimes 100 or more, so if you choose to go online here, the network will fluctuate due to the number of players online in that city, so I suggest you travel to another city and go online there, it's better.
  11. @SteamNOC Greetings! As far as I know, the flags mounted on top of the reflectors don't seem to be able to see any significant waving of the flags on top of the players, except for my own, which is windblown!
  12. Welcome back! Bruijn friend

  13. @Zuwaxer Well, OK! It's not impossible, very good! Hope it will be adopted!
  14. @Zuwaxer I think, I guess, that's indeed pretty awesome, and it can be that way. But are you not counting the timeout on the line? I've read that this does have some merit, but there is a timeout statute of limitations on the line
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