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  1. Thank you for following 🙂

  2. Looking forward to the festivities. It's a great time to enjoy spending time with friends you've made over the years
  3. Congratulations, sister!

  4. @its_mee254 Hello! Regarding your question, I think this CPU is still not very good. The reason is that if you don't take the C-D route and take other routes, your configuration is completely sufficient, but if you take the C-D route, I don't think it's enough, or it's not very good, because there are many players there for a long time, and some players who like to use code cars drive, which will make the computers of other players reach a critical point. It leads to many factors, so if you think this CPU if it's ok, I suggest you choose another route to run. This is stress-free.
  5. @restless.. Hello! Regarding your problem, I can give you the following suggestions: 1. Try to stay away from route C-D (that is, the trail from Calais to Duisburg), because there will be many players driving on this route in that place, and some players will use code files to play the game. If the network and configuration are not good, they will get stuck or disconnect instantly. 2. Try to stay away from the Sirkenes city and Sirkenes mine on the P server, which are also visited by many players. In short, try not to go to the CD route and P server Sirkenes. Even if you have to go, it is best to lower the game quality. To prevent unnecessary trouble!
  6. @KaythPlus Hello! Regarding your question, I can guess that it is related to your truck accessories, and that some players like to modify the horsepower (although modifying the horsepower is no longer effective, but modifying the horsepower will start fast, and some trucks will display fast and slow on the speed increase), which has nothing to do with the Ping value.
  7. @SteamNOC的 Hello! The color of the player on this picture represents that he is a sponsored player and can drive some sponsored cars. This is to support the work of TMP, as shown below. For other colors, please refer to the link below.
  8. @JulianOfzo Hello! Based on the above, I can add some more. If I guess correctly, you should be driving on C-D. There are many ways to affect Ping on this road. For example: some players like to use the Home file (that is, the code file) to run, there are many players, the computer configuration is low, there are basically many people on the C-D route who like to run, their own network, etc. These main problems will cause you to have this situation. I think you can stay away from this range, which can alleviate network problems. Of course, if you still plan to run, you can reduce the image quality in the game. Try it.
  9. @MuhtarEfendi Hello! According to your question! I can answer it for you. You said that you hit someone as soon as you went online. I want to explain this. The player just went online without damage for a period of time, about 10 to 30 seconds. I haven't counted it, but it's about this time. And someone wants to record a report with you. For me, the administrator may not be able to do this. Assuming that as you said, you just went online, it means that you have a period of time without damage, and the collision state will only be available after that. The specific situation is subject to the video. If you go online where there are many players, please try to stop on the grass or emergency lane. I can only say these, and I don't know much about others. It depends on the administrator to make a judgment on this behavior! Hope it helps you!
  10. Little brother is awesome! ❤️

  11. @ELDEST Hello! Regarding your question, I can answer it simply. First of all, for TMP staff, it is unlikely that they can patrol online 24 hours a day in the game and deal with players who violate the rules. They have their own business, work, family and so on in real life. In many places with a lot of traffic, TMP staff can watch from a flying perspective or have patrolling administrators and plainclothes administrators. Here I want to explain that no matter whether the administrator's permission is on the go, it cannot prevent troublemakers and vandalism of other players. This situation often requires players to consciously abide by the rules. Of course, TMP has opened 2 recruitment of full-time report moderators, as well as the recruitment of game moderators. If you think you are suitable, you can have a try. Once you are on it, you will know what the job of an administrator is. Hope to answer your questions. I'm not saying anything bad about you, I'm just saying things that you can understand! Please don't mind!
  12. Anna*

    Flying Scout Cars

    @ELDEST Hello! Regarding your question. I will answer you. There are indeed Skoda cars on the TMP line for players to drive, but it is not cheating and saving/editing. For you to report them, I mean they can be reported as long as it involves breaking the rules. Skoda cars are very fast and will crash if they are not grasped, so I usually drive big cars. Hope it helps you!
  13. I am very grateful for all the work Truckersmp has done in 2023. I also congratulate the TruckersMP team on a more successful year in 2024 than last year!
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