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  1. so just seeing that the kirkenes quarry has hit over 200 people, is there any particular reason for it's popularity ?, I know it is like the unpaved road near bellingham in ats
  2. I have max garages in mp plus a load of sp map mod garages
  3. nop I will contact the scs forum thanks
  4. yes my recruitment agency still only shows 2 pages of drivers, I currently have 322 drivers, but I have discovered some more on the map but when I go to the hire a driver it still only shows 2 pages ?
  5. yes the road is fun I go there when I can, unpaved, no markings, uneven bumps
  6. good info - also don't forget there is an achievement that requires you to drive to the top where the company is and it is fairly easy so I think most go up the road for it
  7. managed to fix it - I had the game on the new directory of the SSD I bought the other week, and I just changed that from my old directory letter
  8. good info, I forgot to mention I was trying to play ATS-MP - as you can see white screen (no images of trucks or suchlike)
  9. Expected - 1.31.2s You Have -, also the truckers mp client is now a white background/screen and not a picture of vehicles, could be an error ?
  10. good to know, hope it gets fixed :--)
  11. I also have the connection error, I will restart my internet and computer and see if that fixes it
  12. yes, I am sure it is an error because I tried a diff. garage - Dijon and that worked just fine. Any replies welcomed, thanks
  13. my game seems to be fine now, I have updated the client to 1.17
  14. yesterday - Saturday was fine for the game my ping was around 45 ms, the game would load fine, but today all up creek after buying the addon, sometimes clicking the logo to play will say cant detect game version, a few clicks may have to be made to get in, how come my game was fine before I bought Scandanavia?
  15. ok so the drivers feature is not available thanks.
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