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  1. good yes it's all correct but the problem doesn't keep following the prints below thanks
  2. good yes, I've already checked all that because the microphone on discord skype and the other one works correctly only on the cb of the Mp of this problem thanks
  3. good yes, i've already checked all this on the cb channel and even i always use the 19 inclusive in the configuration and when i do the microphone test i can't hear myself thank you
  4. Good @Support Stafff I've done everything as it says in the topic I installed the sound drivers and truckersMp again and the problem remains the same I can talk but I don't hear the other players thank you
  5. Good Morning I'm having a problem with my PX in the MP for some time now I can't hear the players on the PX, I've checked my all correct will it help Thanks Bruno Silva
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