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  1. Nice one.. Will it be the same old or did they revamp it somehow? I guess we will see when the time is right.
  2. Yea same here, all the interior and exterior stuff of the Michelin pack works except the paint jobs. Wonder whats going on with the Finnish paintjobs, been a month or even more when they told us that it was supported, although this aint the case.
  3. Thanks for the update mwl4! Great job as usual!
  4. [FIN] Wez


    Ah that explains it then. Thanks ZiroX
  5. [FIN] Wez


    Whats going on with EU1 server? Cant connect there, EU2 works just fine.
  6. San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Elko, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, Reno and Las Vegas. That should be all.
  7. Yeah lets hope so Nah, all good for now. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Ah i see, sucks tho since i like using those rims.
  9. Thanks. Now it works fine. Is there something wrong with the raven pack?
  10. Both of the map DLCs and almost all of the paints
  11. And even funnier thing is that when i try to take a screenshot of the text it crashes the game and after that it lets me play the MP.
  12. I dont have any mods.
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