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  1. That feeling you get when your hired worker on Farming Simulator 19 complains about the harvester almost being full so you pull up with a trailer so that it can unload, but he then hits your tractor instead and doesn't stop so you both end up half rolled over stuck and tangled to each other and the message "Something is blocking the path for worker F" gets spammed.




    Literally had to get out the tractor and into the harvester and "fire" the worker and untangle us, bloody useless worker that is... 

    1. Noxii


      Yeah it most certainly was, it really managed to piss me off how stupid the AI was that it didn't notice me until it had almost tipped me over... Also had an AI car on the road once that apparently didn't see my trailer behind my tractor when delivering a load so he just drove under it and flipped it like nothing and then honked at me cuz he meant my tractor was in his way after he had messed it all up....

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      sounds like an interesting game :lol:

  2. Oh so tomorrow (Saturday the 23rd of November) one of the major radio stations in Sweden called Mix Megapol starts with their 100% Christmas music all the way until Christmas. Time to get into that holiday spirit again. B)




    (PS. That radio station is available in the radios tab in ETS 2)

  3. Oh a "behind the scenes" from one of the best games I've ever played! :o




  4. So I noticed that the SAO movie "The Ordinal Scale" was out on Netflix earlier this week so I watched it and OH MY FREAKING GOD it was so amazing to get to see Kirito and Asuna again, it's impossible to put words to it but to get to see them again and their world my mind just started dreaming away. :love:



  5. So I tried the new Special Cargo DLC for ATS and I honestly don't know what to think of it yet, both routes I've found and taken have been super long and driving at 40mph feels like it takes ages to get from A to B, however this thingy here sweet jibbery jesus it was a long trailer and rather wide too...





    1. iHobbit


      Yeah that trailer is a tonne of fun tbh, I had my problems with it as well :lol:

    2. Noxii


      Yeah it's really long and turns really weird... :blink:

  6. You did your worst, you tried your best, now it’s time to rest.

  7. Detroit: Become Human, that game is one hugeeee emotional rollercoaster, sadness, anger, joy. Everything is there, certainly one of the most beautiful and touching stories ever done with a nice meaning in that game where your decisions is the difference between life and death.


    I'm rather destroyed by the ending I got tho... :(

  8. So took me almost a week but I have now finished Red Dead Redemption 2, the campaign that is. And all I got is to say OMFG, Rockstar never fails to amaze. Seriously the best freaking game I have played in ages, so many emotions felt all through the game. Such a beautiful scenery and fauna everywhere and just everything is perfect, Rockstar deserves every penny they charge for that game.


    For anyone looking for an amazing game I can STRONGLY recommend it!


    One of the most beautiful soundtracks in a game that I've heard as well. It's just OMFG WHAT A GAME!!! :love:



  9. The new album by Bullet For My Valentine is just gooashdsdgh LOOOOVE! :love:




  10. That feeling you get when you're doing a long haul for the event and just a little bit from your destination gets rammed and rolls over so you have to F7 to a service station and SCS goes "Oh no you cheated on the event, better ditch this load for you so you have to start over"....



  11. That feeling when you wake up at 5am on a saturday with the cough from hell still sick in flu...



  12. Sooooooo I've been trying all day long to get my PS4 to recognize my internet cable so that I could buy and download Red Dead Redemption 2 quickly but nah nah it didn't wanna work at all and I literally went like this.




    I totally gave up on it and suddenly a mate sent me a snap of him waiting for it to become available at midnight, of course I couldn't keep myself from it anymore then and I tried again, I even removed the wireless so that it's now next to my PS4 and I managed to connect it to my PS4 via wireless internet connection and so I made it onto the PS4 store and managed to buy the game. They even let you pre-download it and I thought I have little under 2 hours left until the stroke of midnight I should be fine and I hope the game size would be like this, or like this.




    But more to my surprise the game size was not anywhere near that, it was more like this.




    A whopping 92.74gb of a game, I've managed to download almost 8gb so far and I have the feeling that it won't be ready at midnight at all and here I am like this now stupid slow wireless connection...



  13. I got the flu or something, I cough like crazy atm and it hurts by doing so, my nose is clogged up, my whole body hurts and it feels like I've run a marathon or something and I literally sound like Venom and this is totally me atm...



    1. TimeTimes



      Hope you get well soon

  14. This here is soooo beautiful and relaxing.



    1. Ashlyn



      Noxii, come back to the team:rolleyes:


  15. Amaranthe released a new album now and this song here is just ASOHGADKHLFSA :wub:



  16. Almost midnight and time to rush back to another work week...



    1. HerrSwizz


      Which one is yours?

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Noxii


      Thank you so much Jeff. :) Haven't seen you on Instagram in a while tho. :thinking:


      And it's the one furthest away in the pic (to the left) Swizz.

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  17. Loaded with some wood from Coos Bay to Bend. :)





  18. Some pretty sweet northern lights yesterday night. :)



  19. This bridge opening takes ages...




    1. Rev.


      Will check it out.


      Great screenshot(s) though!

    2. Noxii


      Thanks, just noticed that bloody chat ruined it all. Didn't see it at first... :(

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Beautiful photos with that sky :wub:

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  20. Loaded up with a house in Ontario bound for The Dulles. B)



  21. It's sunday which means....


    Taaaaake me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies,
    I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife, offer me that deathless death.




  22. Modern Warefare 2 was the last good game that came with their name, or well to be fair Modern Warefare 2 was the last in the series with a good multiplayer series. However I've always liked the singleplayer experience of the games, I mean watching Kevin Spacey play badguy or "John Snow" that isn't that bad, as said the singleplayer has been rather good all the time but multiplayer as really been ruined since MW2. I mean like this as to be one of the most badass cutscenes ever seen in a game, it still gives me shivers.
  23. The truck itself is rather cool especially interior wise, I like how luxurious it looks and reminds me a lot of newer Mercedes cars. However I don't like the new DRL, I think the old DRLs looked better on it. Also one more thing I'm rather skeptical about is the "mirrors" as they're cameras which has in turn a rather small lense, imagine how quickly they get filled with dirt especially during winter when the roads often are wet and filled with salt etc. I've heared that they have heating in them etc but there's heating on mirrors as it is today but that doesn't stop salt and dirt from getting onto the mirrors, you often have to clean your mirrors but then again mirrors are also a much bigger thing which means it takes more dirt to fill it before it becomes a problem for you to see through them while a camera lense as said is rather small so it would therefore not require much dirt and salt on it before it would become a problem to see through.
  24. Lets face the facts here for a second can't we, the reason to why you get paid what others think is a lot in Norway is because Norway is a really expensive country to live in over all. Sweats in any form has a sugar tax on it and is usually dubble the price of its neighbour country Sweden. From what I've seen the salary in Norway is usually around everything from 26 000 NOK - 40 000 NOK (2 700 EUR - 4 200 EUR) per month totally depending on what kind of work you do as others have pointed out previously and depending on what the company in question actually is willing to pay. However in Sweden a typical pay from my understanding is around 19 000 SEK - 25 000 SEK (1 800 EUR - 2 400 EUR) so as you can see the difference is quite large depending on what country you live and work in but you also have to keep in mind that the cost of living is also completely different all over the world. If you want to be a cross border driver that will be rather hard if you actually want to make any money, in Scandinavia in general there isn't many cross border drivers anymore who is Scandinavian as you have the ever growing problem of larger companies using shell companies in cheaper countries and then use drivers from those countries to drive cross border for them. Bring/Posten Norge is one of the biggest companies in Scandinavia behind this and they're actually even being sued at the moment from one of their previous drivers, Bring owns a company in Slovakia called "Bring Trucking AS" which they in turn use to transport cargo for them all around Scandinavia with Slovakian drivers and other nationalities that's cheaper than Scandinavian drivers are, these drivers have stated that they spend months away from home at a time and get paid around 500 EUR per month, imagine trying to survive on that in a Scandinavian country which is much more expensive than what they are used to. Bring however is of course not alone with doing this, DB Schenker does it too. They use amongst others Bulgarian trucks and drivers to transport their goods between Göteborg and Oslo, the Swedish/Danish PostNord use Vlantana from Latvia as a big operator all across Scandinavia for them. So to be fair I wouldn't advise you to drive cross border as the pay isn't that well and you'll always have these companies that push the prices so low that their drivers have to pay the price in the end, in my eyes what Bring, Schenker, PostNord and others are doing to the international market is hideous and is advanced slave trade as it's inhumane to do such horrendous things to other human beings as they do. If you wanna work as a truck driver, drive within your own country, drive a dump truck or something and get home every night. You gotta keep in mind that you work to be able to live, not live to be able to work. I speak with experience when I say I regret so many choices I've made and I regret having a job that means I rarely get to spend time at home.
  25. Oh my freaking god, I just finished the last episode of TVD and OOOOMG. Them feels everywhere...




    This scene has to be the best one ever made, the song fits so perfectly as well. :(



    1. .RobJames.


      its rubbish  lol :troll:

    2. Noxii


      You did not just say that... :angry:

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