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  1. Yeah you shouldn't mix up the trucks and cars, I love Volvo cars actually. Drove a rental Volvo V90 D5 AWD Inscription for a week and my god was it an amazing car I really wish I could afford one of them or a new XC90.


    But yeah one major problem with them is also that the mechanics up here in Norway doens't even know what they're doing, you could give them the truck with 1 error code and get it out with 5 new after a week at the workshops, the company I work for doesnt really have spare trucks and we don't have time to just sit around with them we are in big need for the trucks to roll as much as possible cuz that is what makes the money roll in and we just couldn't do that with the Volvos as they broke down usually once a week, got a flat battery after less than 9 hours with the heater on at night etc. So yeah, used to be good, not anymore :P

  2. 1 minute ago, Miles! said:

    Volvo's are amazing, extremely reliable. 



    You've never driven the new gen have you? If you had you would probably not say that anymore. Yes I can agree on that Volvo did make good trucks, but they don't anymore.


    We sold our 1 year old Volvo FH540 6x4 cuz we had nothing but trouble with them and bought a couple of Scania R580 instead and haven't had any major problems with them unlike the Volvos.

  3. As long as it's a truck that says "Volvo" in the front of it I refuse to drive it, they're simply useless and too shitty and it's really shameful that they are Swedish cuz it sure as hell ain't "Swedish Quality"...

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