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    News about Volvo

    A little bit of a funny story, I was actually one of the first in the whole world to drive the new Volvo FH. The company I used to work for had a masked one and we even had to sign confidentiality contracts and wasn't allowed to show anyone the inside of it. This one was the one I used to drive, it was/is the best truck I have ever driven in the whole damn world. It didn't have dual clutch but the I-Shift in itself is honestly amazing and there's nothing like it on the market, the gearchanges are so smooth sometimes that you don't even feel them with our without dual clutch.
  2. Noxii

    Sweden won!

    Well if you want to be crap and good at the same time you need to learn from Ukraine and more specifically this fellow. No one have ever been bad and good at the same time as this song as i know of!
  3. Noxii

    Sweden won!

    I got to say that UKs song was a big disappointment this year, however I really liked the sound of the Norwegian song and Latvias was really good aswell. Latvias song is stuck in my head to be honest, the sound of it is just amazing.
  4. Noxii

    Sweden won!

    For those of you who care and even tho you all probably already know. SWEDEN WON! Was a close call there before and Russia had the lead then it all turned around and Sweden took off. And let's not forget all of you who don't care, let me just say one thing to you all. SWEDEN WOOOOON WOOP WOOP! All hail the motherlaaaand!
  5. I'm not sure if you are aware of how any beacon looks on another players screen as they meet you, on your screen they might rotate quite slow and be a nice addition to have more flashing yellow lights. However on other players screen the beacons flash 100 times faster so if you have a lot of beacons on your truck that just because really annoying for us other players that meet you and see all this flashing shit to be honest. 2 on the truck is more than enough i think and people in this game seem to have a problem to know when to use them or not, you don't need beacons on just to pull a normal trailer.
  6. Or they could just charge 30£ for the car, that would solve everything. Charging money for the car would certainly stop every idiot from using it ever. Well to be serious here for a moment, I think you're on to something there The Leeds Lad. However I don't think a simple video is enough, anyone could easily show off in a video good and if anything goes to hell just retake it and make another video. When it comes to livestream that's just out of the deal since you got to think about it that there's serveral of us out there that doesn't have as fast internet as you do and we can't stream because of that. Anyways I think just 1 video or deliver 1 trailer while streaming isn't good enough, i think this needs to be something you apply for on for example the forum and then get properly checked by the "judges" for previous bans, violations etc and they also keep an eye on you in-game at random moments then approve or deny the application. However this creates so much more work and is probably out of the question because of just that.
  7. I'm a big fan of both the Volvo and Scania, I think the Scania sounds and acts lovely tho the Volvo is much more a lovely sight for the eyes both the old and new one. As for real life i prefer the Volvo since the gearbox in it I-Shift is perfect for Norwegian roads which consists of a lot of hills and mountains to cross. The Scanias automatic gearbox used to be shite compared to the I-Shift tho they have come a long way now with theirs as well and Scania is quite good too. As for in the game I prefer the Volvo but now as the new Mercedes Actros will be put into the game I'm planning to buy that one instead and use it. Tho there's one thing that really irritates me in-game and it's that damn indicator sound, I don't know about DAF, MAN or Iveco but I do know that it's really off in all the Volvos and Scanias and also in the new Mercedes Actros. In my eyes this is something they should have fixed ages ago and cannot understand why the haven't. To some it's a minor problem but to me it's something that needs to be fixed throught the game with every truck not having the correct sounds.
  8. I'll take my hat off any day for this guy. In my opinion any guy or girl living with some form of disability deserves a proper salute, some are more serious than others and might need guidance and professional help etc. But that this guy doens't let his disability stop him from playing a game he likes is really nice to see. Especially that it doesn't stop him from driving stick shift if now that's what he likes. That he found a way to be able to do all this and that he let some creativity flow to make everything work better is just amazing, anyone who lives with a disability and don't let it stop them from doing what they like in the way the like and doesn't see the disability as an obstacle deserves all hats off for him/her.
  9. I think this is a bad idea for the exact same reason as many others already have said. We're gonna have some 12 year old kids running around in these thinking they own the road and know everything about everything and in a bad way, be in the way and so on and might even cause accidents if they think they'll "lead a long/wide transport" and try to stop traffic or so on and that leads to anger amongst many drivers since their cargo might get damaged and truck might get damaged. For a mature community this might have been a good idea, but you have to consider that about 50% of the players here don't have a license, have never ever sat in a truck, barely knows how it moves in different ways and so on. Therefor a mod like this for the public is not a good idea, for closed use amongst chosen players it might work tho. If you like for example have to apply to be able to use such vehicle and only after being approved it becomes available for you.
  10. So at work to greet someone here where I live and work we have 2 things that we tend to do. 1: We wave to eachother while passing each other. 2: During winter/autumn when it's dark during the nights and sometimes day we flash our left indicator once while passing each other. I usually lay off the horn since in my eyes that's something you use to call for attention from other vehicles, for example when you want to warn somebody for oncoming danger or alert them of some unexpected move you're about to make.
  11. I totally agree with you about the enviroment in the game it's really nice and i love it too, don't think I've been to those 2 dropoffs. I can also admit that I don't really slow down in Norway just to admire the scenery since I work as a truck driver in Northern Norway I've already seen the most of it.
  12. Please enlighten me where? I haven't seen any really and i think i have picked up and dropped of att pretty much every place there is.
  13. Hi As I suppose most of you know Scandinavian Expansion is out, this was an expansion I was looking forward to a lot since my hometown(Karlskrona) is in it. It's finally here and I love it actually, there's a lot of places that i recognize such as "Västberga" roundabout and where E4 leading down to Helsingborg and 73 leading to Nynäshamn splits in Stockholm. It's really fun to see new cargo in the game and some familiar places to me as a Scandinavian person, however there are some things I'm less satisfied with in this expansion. For example the road from Karlskrona out to the port is the only part of Karlskrona that i recognize and since it's my hometown shouldn't i be able to recognize more places. The port is also wrong, in the real port there's only 1 road leading to and from the ferry and not 2 as in the game. These are two things that bugs me a bit, but don't get me wrong i still love the expansion and think SCS did a lovely job on it. Now to my question for all of you, which do you consider better Scandinavian Expansion or ProMods and please explain why? For me it's really hard to pick one since I love them both, what i like to see more in the future for the whole of ETS2 tho is smaller and more challenging delivery and pickup places. In ProMods they have one that I really like and it's Lidl, it's not that small or tight tho it's thight(er) than any place I've seen in the ordinary game incl Scandinavian Expansion. Or have I missed something, is there a thight or small place to deliver to in the Scandinavian Expansion? As some of you might recognize this is a Lidl store in ProMods and i like how there's sometimes cars close and how you have to reverse it in and it's not that much free space. How about you guys, what do you think about this. Do you feel happy about the cargo terminals as they are now or would you like some smaller, more complicated, tighter or just more challenging places? Think that's all I had to say for now and I apologize in advance for any misspelling or such, English is my 3rd language and it's past midnight so I'm pretty tired. Would really appreciate some response from you guys tho! Best Regards Engel.
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