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  1. Guys look at what I just did! B)



    1. Noxii


      Hehe yeah, quite shocked that we won actually cuz we we're a whole squad and I ran around with shitty scopes all the time. I only had a red dot on my rifles and we was thinking about camping a bridge and form a roadblock there however some other guys had already thought of that so they attacked us and 3 out of 4 of us got away and then we chased them away into a house and after that we rushed them in the house and killed all 4 of them and at the same time being attacked by others from the outside so I took down 2 other randoms comming at us and suddenly we were like the only ones left. Quite shocked that we survived so long with shitty scopes and the tactic and heavy resistance we encountered... :lol:

    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      aw thought this was a truck vid

    3. Noxii


      Haha @K??V?TI? more are coming on monday or something I think! :) 

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  2. Paydaaaaay, hell yeah Noxii is getting drunk today! B)



    1. Penguin


      Famous last words xD

    2. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer


      What i see is a huge traffic after you drive

    3. Noxii


      YEah might have gotten a  bit too much to dirnk guys

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  3. A short video tonight recorded a few moment ago, had a bit of an incident with a seagull. Hope at least some of you may find it funny and get a laugh. :)



  4. Good evening everyone, for those of you feeling like it I just published a new video for you lot to watch, recorded earlier today while arriving into Tromsø. :rolleyes:



  5. Midnight trucking in northern Norway from last night, recorded around 2am Norwegian time. Please leave some feedback for me guys of what you think of it! :rolleyes:



    1. Anriandor


      The music is amazing and :awesome: :P

    2. JeffSFC


      Please do more of these! I was searching for trucking time lapse videos a few days ago. This is exactly what I was looking for!

    3. Noxii


      I agree with you @Anriandor they make some pretty good music!


      Thanks @Killua // Ireland ^_^


      Certainly will do then @JeffSFC, actually I just finished uploading another one to YouTube that you can check out if you like. :)

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  6. Please tell me that someone here has watched seasons 3 of the British tv show called "The Syndicate"?

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Welp, I am slightly hooked. It's now my new TV show!

    2. Noxii


      Haha I told you it was awesome! B) Have only seen to episode 3 at the moment tho so please don't spoil anything @TrademarkGamer

    3. TrademarkGamer


      I'l try not to :P 

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  7. I removed the old fog light and tiny high beams on my truck and put in double DRLs, what you all think about it? :rolleyes:



  8. Working nights like these can't get much better.



    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Nice view point :) 

    2. Aestrial


      Amazing <3

  9. Summer nights in Northern Norway at its best! B)


    (Pic taken at 2:30 am)


    1. Noxii


      That's out in Reine in Lofoten, northern Norway @Doppler effect

    2. CRO_TOMI


      nice picture

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  10. Time to blast some Linkin Park through the night, RIP Chester! :(

    "And the shadow of the day will embrace the world in grace, and the sun will set for you."



  11. Isn't it amazing how when someone gets a promotion all of a sudden he/she seem to become to good for old friends anymore... :mellow:

    1. Noxii


      Congrats on what? :huh:

    2. Merengue4ever


      i'm sorry i thought you just got a promotion , My Apologies :(

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  12. Got the news today that my best mate at work is quitting and it's just DumDum people left at work now, feels worse than a break-up... :(

    1. Mirrland


      I know how that feels :(... But, try to remain positive and keep in touch with them.

    2. Noxii


      Nah I'll probably quit the job cuz it sucks without any fun people there.

  13. And guess what, to a surprise I ended up with 2 annoying kids behind me again on my 3rd flight for today. Unable to be quiet and smacking the table up and down on the chair I'm sitting on. God I just love flying surrounded by kids....

    1. MushroomLTU


      @Noxii poor you. Tell them to be calm or just tell their parents.

    2. Spieker


      I was recently in a train with a group of about 50 5th graders or so. I was trapped with them for more than an hour and I honestly thought about leaving at the next station....

  14. And now I can't find a single working wall socket to recharge my laptop at Oslo Airport, how am I now gonna survive 1 and a half hour on a flight probably next to bloody kids again... Worthless. :( 

  15. Why do I always end with kids around me on flights, second flight in a row now with noisy bloody kids around me and one of them just crushed my knee my tilting down his back on his seat. I swear I must be cursed or something... :(

    1. Noxii


      Haha understandable, I however wish there was like kid free zones on flights or even kid free flights. I would be sooooo happy then.

    2. BigLarge


      Flight with a child on airplane=Nightmare :troll:

    3. scs software
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  16. Installed my new CPU cooler and my god I think I'm in love, finally able to get on truckin again and flying and shooting and all the fun stuff! :D



    1. BurakAKSAKAL


      Congratulations, Enjoy it. ;) :rolleyes:

  17. Well I hate my life, my CPU cooler is toast so I can't play any games on my PC this weekend.


    I'm stuck with my Xbox One and Forza Horizon 3 only to realise that there's a 6.1 GB update for it when I came home yay.... :(

    1. Hyperspace


      @Noxii then replace the old corsair with a new one

    2. Noxii


      Well that's what I'm already going to @Hyperspace, just can't right now cuz no stores have it in so I need to order it online first.

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  18. Happy Welcome to the World Screaming and Naked Day!

  19. No wonder why I keep lagging, my bloody CPU is boiling... :(

    1. Noxii


      Well I suppose it's different from player to player, but I suppose the most common cause is how bad/good of a connection to the servers a certain player got.

  20. Tried something new yesterday in my "week off" :D



  21. I wonder if the new 25.25m trucks and trailers will be region specific. :huh:

    1. chipmunk197


      that will be fun with the heavy loads and then people overtaking with doubles lol people cant make it with just the one they have already

    2. Noxii


      Yeah like that's exactly my thought, I mean the Scandinavian DLC actually has some good roads and it'll be quite easy to drive such trucks on them however the original part of the map and the France DLC has some quite tight bends etc that will be a nightmare for a lot to take on.


      I also suspect that some will get really confused in the beginning with the new added trailers and length causing a bunch of accidents etc. :lol:

    3. joaquinsanchz10


      For when does the DLC go on sale?

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  22. Oh the joys of being so stressed out that you get breathing issues... :D

    1. scs software

      scs software

      :lol: haha when i'm stressed out  i scream " gabe help me " haha  jokes   


      or you could drink water etc... , never get stressed out 


      Best of luck @Noxii ;)

    2. TrademarkGamer


      I know the feeling. My brother has really bad anxiety, I'm always having to do breathing exercises with him :P

      Hope whatever is stressing you out gets a little easier.

    3. Noxii


      Yeah so much stuff that needs to be done atm really takes its load on you, thanks guys hopefully it'll get better in a not to distant future! :) 

  23. That moment when you come home after a week at work realising that you've turned your heat down in the apartment last weekend when it was plus degrees outside and it's now -10 outside and freezing in your apartment... :(

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