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  1. So after going for a spin in the Next Gen Scania S580 my mind hasn't changed a bit about it, I think the look of the truck is wonderful and how much you can customize such as rear fenders, sideskirts etc. However the indicator sound still bugs the living crap out of me, the V8 sound of the engine is almost as it should be but the indicator sound is as bloody off as it could be. Plz fix SCS.... -.-


    #CrapIndicatorSound #NotScaniaSound #PrayForSCS



    1. Samito_BG


      Hey Noxiii Nice photo be happy with this truck !:):)

    2. JeffSFC


      I hope to see you with one irl in the future. :D

    3. Noxii


      Hehe yeah I got about 1 and a half year left until my current one should be replaced by a newer one, however I might move over to another route of ours and drive between northern Norway and Oslo so might get a new truck earlier than I thought. B)

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