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  1. Good evening,


    New clip should be up and available now from last week when driving over Kveanangsfjellet during the night, quite some snow that has come there now and this is just the beginning of the winter so a lot more snow is expected over there. Some parts of that mountain you basically drive on the cliffside that goes 400m straight down into the fjord so basically if you drive out of that road thats something you only do once. :)



    And also this mountain pass and some others nearby are notorious when it comes to foreign truck drivers getting stuck up them during similar driving conditions as this and theres actually 2 spots in this video one on my side and one on the opposite side of the road where you can see that trucks have been standing still for a while, can you find them? Btw the clip is speed up x2.

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    2. Positivetrucking168


      Driving up this pass at night opens up a whole new dimension! Usually the drivers that are stuck are not accustomed to local winter conditions and tend to select the wrong gears to climb the pass. 

    3. Noxii


      Haha Trucker, södra Sverige har ju inte ens vinter. Var nere i Blekinge/Skåne förra julen och var ju 10 plus och finväder över hela julen så vi tog oss till och med en dagstripp till Helsingör och strosade runt på gatorna där över dagen. :P



      Yeah Positive I can agree with you on that, most of the times they have bad tires that aren't made for conditions like these. Sometimes the drivers aren't aware of what they should do or how they should act when its slippery etc, I mean most of the trucks have a lot of equipment to assist with bad roads etc. For example I have a tag lift so I can move load over from the rear axle to the drive axle or even lift the rear axle no matter the weight if I'd like, also one thing to switch off on slippery roads is traction control as it may doom ya. Then we also have something called OnSpot which basically is a tiny wheel sitting next to the drive wheels that has chains hanging from them and by the push of a button from my cab they lower them selves towards the wheels and rotate with it and in that way throws those chains in under the wheels itself, however nothing beats the proper snow chains we have hanging on the side. But I really dislike putting them on since its quite some work and you get really really dirty with sand and stuff everywhere...

    4. Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      @Noxii hahaha halland hade dock lite snö förra året jag övningskörde med farsans bil och fick understyrning i en korsning men klarade mig genom understyrningen. får la ha vinter mod på ets2 då så det känns som vinter även ifall det är ett spel

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