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  1. Since ProMods released a new version recently I just had to try the northern parts of Norway and I got to hand it to them, what I've seen so far is nothing but perfection. The map is beautifully made and when I got up to northern Norway I could instantly recognise myself by the bendy roads that goes up and down and sharp bends as far as the eye can see, narrow roads and bridges etc.


    What I also like about ProMods is that they like pushing it to the edge when it comes to the size of some roads/intersections, in the base map I as a real truck driver are never challenged as according to me there is plenty and even too much space on most roads. But ProMods even have me sometimes thinking how the F this is gonna go in some intersections or bends, like for tonight for example in Honningsvåg while entering the service station there was some tricky bends there which is awesome and fun.


    I also gotta add that it's a shame that we don't have a server running ProMods since as stated above I think it's over all a more challenging and fun map to drive on and above all I think they do a better job at capturing the enviroment around the places etc than SCS Software, just the scenery and towns etc I consider to be so much better than the base game map.


    Guess where I went i ended up after Honningsvåg? Have a look at the pictures below and you'll see. :)






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    2. LordBenji


      That looks great! And yeah a shame it will not be on MP, as the biggest issue is support, updates, bugs...

    3. Positivetrucking168


      Well, I wished SCS would add northern Norway and Northern Sweden as an extension to the existing Scandinavia DLC, would have made Scandinavia ever more beautiful than it already is. Too bad that nevertheless, the areas included would have still been too quiet, even with the double trailers updates.

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