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  1. How I feel when I am trying to relax and just drive a bit and being followed by a bunch of annoying randoms...



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    2. TrademarkGamer


      I think /logout will solve your problem xD


    3. Noxii


      See Khaos you got a Dane friend here now too! :P


      Yeah most probably, but then people will ram me like crazy as they usually do on that road. When seeing the red name that usually scares them away and they rather drive out into the woods than into me Trademark :P 

    4. LordBenji


      Ahh buggers :troll: I'm a Caracal (big night cat), so I don't get as much attention as some others do. Frankly, I hate to have too much attention from a bunch of people. I'd rather spend time with a few nice people.

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