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  1. So earlier tonight we were trucking across Europe heading from Le Havre to Kalmar when all of a sudden we had to pull over at the C-D road cuz someone had to go AFK for a "while" as I and @ScaniaFan89 sat there waiting for Captain Slow aka @Natalia / Hipoiita a bunch of other guys showed up waiting there with me and just talking about every random thing and when Captain Slow got back we suddenly had a tiny convoy heading towards Rostock in the middle of the night with the above mentioned and @LordBenji and sadly I can't tag Litty McBitty, Darby5659 and Peric7399 who also joined us for this tiny convoy we got out of the blue. Thank you all of you, was a really fun night actually! :)





    And of course we can only end tonight with a must of a song.


    Once again thanks to all who joined in and hope we can do this again some other day, for anyone feeling to join up just do it. The more the merrier as long as you can behave and add to the fun squad. :) 

    1. Merengue4ever


      Ughhhhhh ! why did i miss this ? :( 

    2. KhaosHammer


      "Captain Slow"


      Ahahahah now I know how to call her when I see her in-game. :troll:

    3. Noxii


      Well it's at the D-C road it happens after dark you know, it was just me, Nat and ScaniaFan at first and the rest just joined up as we were waiting earlier to thats what you gotta do in the future, find us and join up! :)


      Haha yeah well it's true, either she's slow always gotta wait for her you know....

      Or she crashes into everything you shouldn't be able to crash into along the road... :D

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