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  1. Woop woop Swedeeeen :wub:



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    2. Noxii


      Actually Antrax it's the same in both, the word Norge(Norway) is also the same in both languages.


      Of course I need to go on a chips run Stilldre since Norwegians still haven't learned how to make proper chips! :P


      And no Dylann that's a Mazda 6, useless car to be honest and glad it's only a rental cuz I would never buy one of those. The only nice thing with it that I have figured out so far is that it has a "sport" button and gear thingys behind the steering wheel which is incredibly fun to fiddle with, racing across the Swedish wilderness. B)

    3. stilldre1976


      oh noxxi you could of brought me a load back to france to save me the effort on WOT haha :lol: and I buy you some chips lol

    4. D y l a n n
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