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  1. Good evening everyone, for those of you feeling like it I just published a new video for you lot to watch, recorded earlier today while arriving into Tromsø. :rolleyes:



    1. Eddis


      nice i like it :)

    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      its  looks way better than ets2 it self :P  stop making me jealous @Noxii haha  jks  


      wish  i could drive in real life  but  i am  on disability :( its not serious but  i have difficult  learning :(  that why  i  play ets2mp and atsmp,  how  i got into trucks was back years ago my mum use to always buy me  trucks and machinery toys  and  i would always play with them :P  i still have them from 10+  years ago 

      but after a while when i was  in year 6  that when  my mum  passed away from asthma.  and i started  playing more and  more  of  simulator games. and to be honest  i can't believe how realistic  all the new simulator  games are coming out  , from a small tycoon game to a realistic :P  i love it  


      im waiting  on pure farming the simulator :)  can't wait  to play it :P  and the best part about it  its even got Mp 


      good luck and  can't wait to see more videos,  i hope  you can make a show about trucking  , id would love it  


      there use to be a  admin from truckersmp who made a show but  i no longer see him doing videos :(  

    3. Noxii


      Sad to hear the story about your mum @END-GAME...


      And yes I agree with you a lot of new games are very realistic and good looking, I actually did just what you did when I was a kid. I remember getting my first truck sim game being 18 WoS Haulin and then how stoked I was when I read that SCS was finally about to release a European trucking game called Euro Truck Simulator. So yeah its sad that you can't become a trucker in real life if you want to but I guess if you really want to you just gotta fight for it and work your ass off to achieve it. But yeah stick with the Simulators for as long as you like and feel that they're fun.

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