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  1. I wonder if the new 25.25m trucks and trailers will be region specific. :huh:

    1. FirestarteR93


      I think they'll most likely be limited to external contracts if that's the case

    2. chipmunk197


      they might be like the cattle trailers there limited to the region but im sure people will mod them 

    3. Noxii


      Well that might be, but I was just thinking since in real life the places where such combos are allowed are still quite limited. From what I know of Sweden is one of few countries in the game that allows them everywhere, in Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands they're allowed on some specific roads that I know of and some bends and intersections around the map will be quite interesting to take with such combos otherwise if they let them loose all across the game map.


      And wouldn't we all love to see a bunch of those 25.25m on the D-C road like there isn't carnage enough on it already.

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