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  1. Oh my, I absolutely love Red Dead Redemption 2 and this city, everything is sooo beautiful in its own way. :wub:


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    2. Noxii


      Always so positive as usual ScaniaFan.


      I've had a "small" patch yesterday of around 3gb yeah, at the release I had problems of the game crashing on startup like so many others and from what I understood it seemed like each one solved it in different ways. For some a simple reboot of the computer and verifying the integrity of the game files worked etc, for me it was apparently conflicting with my AV so during startup I had to disable that. I'd say it runs pretty smoothly but I can't say I've noticed any difference yet suppose I can try and run it on Ultra again perhaps, as earlier when I did that it worked fine in single player but when I got into a town in multiplayer it resulted in some massive FPS drops due to the amount of other players nearby.

    3. Snap Dragon

      Snap Dragon

      Damn, what a quality photo! 😍

    4. ScaniaFan89


      @Noxii Hey i had it since launch on xb1 so i can say that, i said the story is good but online is annoying because you just get hunted down by poses even if your minding your own & trying to progress ( its just annoying & not fun ). Plus as it was stated early on with the online story missions the vote system on how it plays out is unfair as other players votes affect your rep ( if they all vote bad & you vote good, it ruins your status ) 

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