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  1. Oh my, I absolutely love Red Dead Redemption 2 and this city, everything is sooo beautiful in its own way. :wub:


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    2. ScaniaFan89


      @Noxii Hey i had it since launch on xb1 so i can say that, i said the story is good but online is annoying because you just get hunted down by poses even if your minding your own & trying to progress ( its just annoying & not fun ). Plus as it was stated early on with the online story missions the vote system on how it plays out is unfair as other players votes affect your rep ( if they all vote bad & you vote good, it ruins your status ) 

    3. Noxii


      I've had the game since it got released on PS4 and I loved the story, and the problems you experience isn't the games fault as I've never experienced any of those issues online. The people I've met online have been more friendly than any other community online.

    4. ScaniaFan89


      Maybe thats the PS4 community

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