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  1. ok think none can help our company .... we all have same problem and all have tryed the things phoenix sayed....we realy need help with this option of getting the job in multyplayer with hole company woking... so wat can we do?? our planner have done even a reset o her pc too try it getting solved
  2. Hi there, we dit wat was sayed above, butt still not solved our problem.
  3. Hi there,we try that, butt have too wait till truckermp is ready for the version of ets2 that was released and updated
  4. Hi there, we and that means our company on ets2 have a problem with multyplayer and we can not find the solution. Our member plans a job as she always do, when we accepting this job we start multyplayer, then we go on with tmp. When game starts we go to the job market and accept the ride and driving too the place for the trailers. When we open with enter too get the trailers the job is not there.... For none in our company. If we do first singelmodus bij ets2 on tmp we can take the trailer, and we can restart game back on multyplayer in tmp then we have the job as should be in multyplayer. Wat is the solution too get this solved too start right away in multyplayer?... Every time we switching too offline modus we get update of promods navigation. Wat we tryed already was reinstall truckersmp, trucksbook, steam, start up without promods and even pickup the other way for planning jobs...this not worked... So hope you can help us with this problem.
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